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Measures to reduce energy consumption of rotary dryer

Rotary dryer Mineral drying equipment is widely used in mineral processing and building materials industry. With the continuous production and application of the equipment, all kinds of defects are exposed. High energy consumption is one of the key problems. Facing the problem of high energy consumption, all manufacturers try their best to analyze the causes and make transformation plans. Different improvement equipment will follow. The following is the summary of the following points by red star machine.

 Rotary dryer

1. Choosing hot blast stove with low coal consumption

Hot blast stove is an indispensable combustion device for rotary dryer. At present, the commonly used hot blast stoves include manual feeding combustion furnace, mechanical coal feeding hot blast stove, fluidized bed furnace and coal injection furnace. Among them, fluidized bed furnace and coal injection furnace are new energy-saving ones, which are worthy of promotion.

(1) The flue gas temperature of fluidized bed boiler is relatively stable, which can be basically controlled at about 900 ℃, and the temperature control can be controlled automatically and mechanically. The requirements for coal are not high. The inferior coal can also be used for production, and the coal is fully burned.

(2) The coal injection furnace consists of three parts: coal pulverizer, flame injector and mixing burner. The temperature is the same as that of fluidized bed boiler, and it can also be controlled and controlled by machine. In addition, the device is simple in structure, easy to break down, and has a small amount of maintenance.

2. Improvement of lifting plate structure

The lifting plate is a breakthrough design of rotary dryer, which plays an important role in the drying process. It can continuously disperse materials, increase the contact area between materials and hot air flow, so as to control the operation and drying of materials. Different materials have different physical and chemical properties, so the structure of the lifting plate will be slightly different. Therefore, increasing the contact area and prolonging the action time are the key points in the transformation process. The traditional structure of lifting plate is L-shaped and spoon shaped, while the improved structure is arc-shaped and X-shaped.

3. Thermal insulation measures for cylinder

Rotary dryer is made of steel plate, which will inevitably cause heat loss. Through measurement, the loss is about 9%, which seriously causes the waste of energy consumption. Adding heat insulation device to the cylinder is an effective measure. At present, there are two kinds of common insulation measures for cylinder, which are as follows:

(1) The inner insulation layer of the cylinder is adopted. In short, the cylinder is divided into three times, the outer layer is steel plate, the middle layer is the insulation layer made of thermal insulation products, and the inner layer is the guard board and lifting plate.

(2) The external insulation method is adopted. A layer of rare earth metal is added outside the cylinder to control the temperature difference between the surface and the environment within 20 ℃.

4. Increase the speed of dryer

Increasing the rotating speed can increase the contact opportunity between the material and the hot air flow and reduce the heat consumption. The specific measures are to adopt the speed regulating motor or frequency converter, and also to make some transformation on the transmission parts.

5. Do a good job in sealing

The air leakage phenomenon is very common during the operation of dryer, which will reduce the temperature and increase the energy consumption. Therefore, the sealing work must be done well. Considering that the air leakage is common in the air inlet, head and tail of the machine, and discharge port, the paper focuses on the treatment of these parts. The discharge pipe at the air inlet and discharge port needs to adopt the double calamus valve for blanking, the head and tail of the machine adopt labyrinth seal, and at the same time, the graphite sliding block elastic sealing ring is added.

The measures to reduce the energy consumption of the dryer are roughly the above-mentioned points, Red Star Machine Following the above concept, the Reform of drying system of rotary dryer We have produced a number of new dryers. After testing, the energy consumption is greatly reduced compared with the old dryers on the market. This will save you a lot of production expenses. At the same time, the purchase price is also quite affordable. If you have the intention to purchase the machine, you are welcome to visit.

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