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Comprehensive transformation of dryer and

A clay processing plant is equipped with a dryer to dry the finished products. With the passage of time, the parts of the dryer are aging, and the problems are exposed one by one, which directly leads to the decline of output. This factory has carried on the analysis research to the cylinder block, the smoke leakage and the air leakage phenomenon dryer Part of the structure has been transformed and optimized, and the production is satisfactory. The following transformation measures and make a brief description of the plant.


1、 Modification of cylinder

The original dryer cylinder has been used for ten years, of which the cold end is about 6m long. Due to insufficient temperature, sulfur-containing flue gas in coal-fired condenses and condenses, corrodes the cylinder body, and the thin part has leaked material, so it has to be wrapped with 6mm thick iron plate for reinforcement. In addition, the angle of the lifting plate is 135 ° and there are holes in the material curtain during the operation, which affects the heat exchange capacity. The new cylinder has been made in the factory, and the following improvements have also been made:

1. The feeding screw is improved and the pitch is increased to prevent the blockage of wet clay.

2. In addition to the 180 ° straight plate used in the cold end ring, the other lifting plates with three angles of 90 °, 135 ° and 180 ° are mixed and installed wrongly, so as to eliminate the material curtain cavity in the machine and increase the heat exchange capacity.

2、 Improvement and addition of exhaust fan and dust collecting device

The original exhaust fan is No.6 fan with air volume of 9500m3/h, and the dust collecting device level is Φ 500 × 2 reflux cyclone dust collector, and the second stage is water dust collector. The outflow sewage is discharged into the river after being precipitated in six sedimentation tanks. Because of insufficient air volume, smoke runs out from the joint of combustion chamber and dryer and the discharge pipe of wet clay feeding tray; the ventilation pipe is long, rusty and has air leakage, which needs to be replaced every year. The improvements are as follows:

1. The original No.6 fan is changed to No.8 fan, and the air volume is increased from 9500 m ~ 3 / h to 14970 m ~ 3 / h.

2. The two-stage water dust collector is retained, outdoor cyclone dust collector is cancelled, and three Φ 500 reflux cyclone dust collectors are installed in parallel indoor, which shortens the pipeline distance. The air locking conical flashing valve at the lower part of the cyclone dust collector is connected with the air conveying chute, and the conveying fan is started regularly, and the collected dust is sent to the clay warehouse through the elevator.

3. A tongue shaped baffle is installed at the end of the wet clay feeding pipe to prevent the dust and water vapor from pouring out of the pipe.


3、 Transformation

After modification, the output is increased by 114% from 3.5 T / h to 7.5 T / h. The water content of the machine decreased from 4% to less than 3.0%. Coal consumption also decreased from 53 kg / T clay to 35 kg / T clay. Because of the shortening of the ventilation pipe and the increase of the cyclone dust collector, the ventilation resistance is reduced, most of the dust is collected in the cyclone dust collector, and the tail chimney emits white smoke.

Through the above-mentioned transformation, the output of the dryer has increased rapidly, the drying and coal consumption, tail smoke have also been well controlled, so it can be seen that the transformation is very successful. The main reason for the problems of the dryer is that the structure is not reasonable enough, which also gives us these preparations Buy a dryer In order to avoid some trouble in the later stage, we should be careful in the early stage of purchase and further study the structure. Red Star Machine Focus on the production and manufacture of dryer for many years, reasonable and compact structure, price concessions, superior performance, is your move, Consulting Hotline: 0371-67772626.

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