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Reduction mechanism and development of rotary kiln for laterite nickel ore

As an important production industry of basic raw materials in China, the development of mineral processing industry must be adjusted to adapt to the new normal of industry development due to the influence of economic development situation and industry development trend. In the following, taking laterite nickel ore and its production process as an example, the reduction mechanism of nickel laterite ore is explained in detail and nickel laterite ore is analyzed Rotary kiln The development status of.

Fuel composition

 Laterite nickel ore

The laterite nickel ores used in this process are all from Indonesia, and the composition fluctuates greatly, and anthracite is used as the internal composition; bituminous coal is used for kiln head injection, and the s and P required to be controlled are relatively low; dolomite powder and limestone powder are used as flux, which are produced locally.

Production process control requirements

This paper analyzes the production process from the strict control of raw materials and production process, from the production target to the production process control. In the production process, finished product control refers to the production of sinter from rotary kiln, and then magnetic separation of ferronickel and tailings with certain grade from the sinter. In this process, the control purpose is basically achieved by controlling the roasting time, reduction temperature and additives.

 Rotary kiln

Reduction mechanism of laterite nickel ore in rotary kiln

In the direct reduction magnetic separation process of laterite nickel ore rotary kiln, the environmental heat of the materials in the kiln is mainly provided by the coal injection at the kiln head and the combustion of partial coal blending, so that the materials entering the kiln can reach the required temperature for reduction reaction. The purpose of adding limestone, dolomite and other fluxes into the material is to reduce the melting point of the material through solid-state reaction, adjust the alkalinity and viscosity of the melt, so that the reaction can be carried out smoothly and uniformly, and the slag and iron are separated. When the kiln head and the kiln tail are in reverse motion, the mixture of the kiln head and the kiln tail is pushed by the kiln head and the kiln tail to form a mixture of the hot material and the kiln tail When the ambient temperature is above 800, the metal oxides begin to react with the solid carbon in the material layer to replace the metal elements in the oxide.

 Rotary kiln

Development of rotary kiln for laterite nickel ore

As the main kiln type in China's chemical industry, the overall development status of laterite nickel mine rotary kiln is large production capacity, more kiln seats, more kiln types, higher level of process equipment and operation management. Through continuous process improvement, equipment improvement and operation management standardization, the economic index and environmental protection index of laterite nickel mine rotary kiln have been improved steadily. As an improved kiln type for environmental protection upgrading, laterite nickel rotary kiln still shows strong vitality. The main process equipment configuration has the following development on the original basis:

(1) The raw and fuel weighing and mixing system is more scientific.

(2) The temperature detection of kiln system is more reasonable.

(3) The kiln body is equipped with up and down regulating partial burning device.

(4) A pressure balance device is added at the bottom of the kiln.

(5) The kiln system is generally controlled automatically.

(6) The matching of dust removal facilities is more perfect.

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