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Analysis on development prospect of new dry process cement production

Since the development of new cement industry, energy saving and automation have been well developed. It is also due to various factors such as overcapacity that promote various new research and development in cement production and provide conditions for expanding the market and improving products.

 New dry process cement production process

From the definition of the second generation of dry process cement, it is to use decomposition and suspension preheating, through kinetic energy combustion, fluid mechanics, computational fluid, thermal engineering and powder and other theories, with the help of modern network information and computer to achieve the requirements of promoting dry process cement production. However, we should also see that the main products can not meet the requirements of gel materials and economic construction, it has a good effect of collaborative disposal, energy saving and emission reduction, so far it has developed into an important part of new environmental protection.

1. Development of grinding

 Cement mill

From a large number of practice feedback information, we can see that: Cement mill The dry process cement developed can meet the requirements of cement, at the same time, the emission reduction and energy saving are obvious to all. Cement Abrasives have the characteristics of stable operation, all of which can meet the contract standards. The water quantity of standard consistency, particle distribution and the products produced by loop flow system are basically the same, so the concrete prepared by this method has good performance.

2. Development of kiln system

 Rotary kiln

For the firing system, Rotary kiln It is declining year by year, and the concept of core facilities is also changing. From the aspect of technology, it pays more attention to the system output, so the heat loss of rotary kiln should be controlled as much as possible to meet the working requirements. The main method to reduce the heat dissipation of rotary kiln is short rotary kiln. The speed of rotary kiln can be improved by controlling the specification. Another method is to use the heat insulation to reduce the surface heat dissipation.

3. Waste disposal

All along, the control of fuel for cement production is a problem that all production units must face. It can effectively reduce the cost and achieve the requirements of optimizing resources and making full use of costs through the correct disposal of waste.

New dry process cement production as a new type, although started late, but rapid development, it provides a good support and guarantee for the adjustment of industrial structure. Therefore, in the actual work, we must integrate the status quo, combined with the development prospects, so that it can play a better role.

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