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Summary of hematite beneficiation process in China

Hematite beneficiation process is one of the main processes in China, which plays an important role in Beneficiation of fine disseminated hematite. With the rapid development of metallurgical industry, a large number of weakly magnetic iron ores have been developed and utilized, and the research on beneficiation methods and processes related to weakly magnetic iron ores has also made long-term development, especially in hematite flotation, gravity separation, high-intensity magnetic separation and roasting magnetic separation.

 Hematite flotation equipment

1. Total flotation process of hematite

In our country, on the premise of adjusting the pulp pH to 9 ~ 10, the application of fatty acid anions as collector and sodium carbonate as pulp regulator has been widely used in the flotation of hematite in quartzite type ores. At present, scholars and on-site personnel continuously improve and improve the flotation reagents and process flow in the process of practice, so as to solve the problems such as large pulp size, difficult dewatering of concentrate, and reduce metal loss.

2. Roasting magnetic separation reverse flotation process

The technological process of roasting magnetic separation reverse flotation is to use dodecylamine cation as collector to reverse flotation in neutral pulp, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensively improving the roasting magnetic separation iron concentrate. The actual production data show that when the dosage of dodecylamine reaches 120 ~ 180g / T, the beneficiation indexes are good. Among them, the grade of iron concentrate will be increased to more than 65%, and the recovery rate will also be increased to more than 75%.

3. High intensity magnetic flotation process

Strong magnetism- Flotation process Generally, under the condition of rough grinding, gangue minerals such as coarse-grained single quartz and chlorite that are easy to mud are discharged through the high-intensity magnetic separation process under the condition of rough grinding. This process can produce qualified tailings and lay a good foundation for fine grinding and flotation in the next step.

 Hematite magnetic separation equipment

4. Roasting magnetic separation process

The roasting magnetic separation process mainly uses shaft furnace to produce magnetite from 75 ~ 20inln hematite ore by heating and reducing the mixture gas of coke oven and blast furnace. The iron concentrate will be obtained by magnetic separation.

By adjusting the position of high intensity magnetic separation, reducing the number of gravity separation and concentration equipment, scientifically controlling the grinding particle size and magnetic field intensity of high intensity magnetic separation, the deep optimization of beneficiation process flow of hematite can be achieved, the grade of tailings can be reduced, and the economic indexes and economic benefits of beneficiation can be improved.

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