Drying technology and equipment configuration of wet discharged fly ash


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Drying technology and equipment configuration of wet discharged fly ash

 Fly ash

Fly ash is the non-volatile residue of coal. Generally, the ash content of bituminous coal is less than 25%, while the ash content of lignite, low-quality bituminous coal, anthracite and stone coal is relatively high, some of which can reach 50%, and the discharged fly ash is more. Wet discharged fly ash refers to the fly ash collected by dry collection and wet collection and wet discharge. Its solid-liquid ratio is as high as 1: (20-40). In order to be used, it needs to be dehydrated. The following is the wet fly ash drying process and equipment configuration.

1、 Drying process

The equipment of drying system includes fluidized bed furnace Crusher Hoist Belt conveyor Feeder , high pressure fan Large rotary dryer The fluidized bed boiler mainly provides high-temperature flue gas for drying, the large rotary dryer is the main equipment, the dust collector is used to collect the fly ash products, and the other equipment is auxiliary equipment such as crushing, lifting and conveying.

The raw coal is sent into the fluidized bed furnace to produce strong oxygen combustion, and the high temperature flue gas of 800 ~ 1100 ℃ is produced in the furnace, which is passed into the dryer. The wet discharged fly ash is transported from the ash pool of the thermal power plant to the treatment plant for stacking, and the water content decreases from 30% to 50% to 20% to 25%. Then, it is transported to the anti blocking forced feeder by belt conveyor, and enters the dryer for heat exchange with high temperature flue gas. The flow direction of high temperature flue gas is consistent with the moving direction of fly ash. Through the preheating exchanger, the dispersing device and other special devices in the dryer, the material is crushed and scattered to strengthen the drying. The parameters are adjusted by the variable frequency adjustable speed fan. After heat exchange, the hot flue gas entering the dryer turns into low-temperature flue gas, which enters the dust collector and is discharged into the atmosphere after dust removal. After the separation of coarse and fine fly ash, the dry fly ash with proper shape, high specific surface area and water requirement can be widely used as the mixing material and concrete additive in cement production.

 Rotary Dryer

2、 Equipment configuration

1. Heating system

On the premise of ensuring the production capacity, a large amount of high-temperature flue gas is needed to dry the wet discharged fly ash with the initial moisture content of more than 30% to 2% of the moisture content. Therefore, the fluidized bed boiler with stable heating capacity is selected.

2. Rotary dryer

Due to the large size of dryer, feeding is a big problem for wet discharged fly ash with high moisture content. Therefore, we have designed and developed an anti blocking forced feeding device to ensure the stability of feeding. The internal lifting device of the cylinder is also reformed, and the mixing lifting device suitable for the drying stage is adopted to ensure the drying rate.

3. Dust collector

Most of the dried product ash of wet discharged fly ash enters the dust collector with high temperature flue gas, which increases the load of the dust collector. To solve this problem, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of various dust collection equipment, and finally choose the air box pulse bag filter.

The whole drying system has the advantages of convenient operation, simple maintenance and exquisite layout, which largely meets the requirements of users for stable operation and strong operability. It provides a more perfect alternative application for users. If necessary, you are welcome Henan Hongxing machine factory Visit and purchase.

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