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Application of new liner in cement mill

Liner is Cement mill The traditional cement grinding liner is made of high manganese steel and alloy white cast iron, but it is not stable in use and easy to wear or fall off. Through in-depth research, red star machine adopts a new type of low-carbon silicon manganese wear-resistant alloy steel material used in cement mill, and its round square spiral grading structure greatly enhances the performance of cement mill.

 Cement mill liner

1、 Application of traditional cement grinding liner

High manganese steel and Alloyed White Cast iron are usually used as wear-resistant materials for cement mill in China. The austenite structure of high manganese steel after heat treatment can produce transformation hardening only under high energy impact, which can exert its special wear resistance. Most of the wear-resistant and vulnerable parts in cement industry work under the condition of small energy and repeated impact. In the process of use, the wear rate is faster than the hardening speed, especially in the case of chiseling wear and high pressure abrasive wear, the surface ploughing and erosion phenomenon will occur, which will cause damage and failure. Although the alloy white cast iron has high hardness, its toughness is low and it is easy to be broken under some service conditions of the mill.

2、 New lining plate structure and design advantages

The square lining board with rounded corners of cement is composed of several lining plates and cushion blocks, and its cross section is a square with round corners. Round corner lining and square lining can be designed into four kinds of spiral plate according to the requirements of fillet and square lining.

The lining plate is made of low-carbon silicon manganese wear-resistant alloy steel, because it has high toughness and strength, but also has high hardness, and the metallographic structure is lath martensite.

The liner is designed as a square spiral graded structure with rounded corners

1. Designing cone angle on the surface of liner plate can make the grinding body graded.

2. If the liner is assembled into a spiral form, the discharging speed can be accelerated; if the liner shape is changed into a square, the effective turning radius of the mill can be changed into a variable.

3. The separation angle of the grinding body is constantly changing, and the grinding body is thrown out four times in a pulse mode every rotation of the mill, which increases the number and proportion of impact grinding, makes grinding and impact alternately, and is conducive to the grinding of brittle materials with low bending strength.

4. It changes the single grinding effect of the traditional round section liner grinding body on the material, thus improving the grinding speed and efficiency of the mill.

5. It can reduce the equivalent diameter of the mill, reduce the moment of lifting the grinding body, and reduce the load of the main motor of the mill by 16%. When the output remains unchanged or slightly increased, the power consumption per unit output of cement can be reduced by 15-20%, and the cement particle gradation can be improved, and the compressive strength of cement can be increased by 20-40 kg / cm ~ 2. The mill noise is also reduced by 7-9 dB.

 Cement mill

3、 Application of new liner in cement mill

Low carbon silicon manganese alloy steel is used in a cement plant Spiral grading After 2880 hours of operation, the two cement mills in series with lining plate were inspected. The wear rate was only 1 / 2.5 of that of high manganese steel liner, and its wear resistance life was more than 2.5 times of that of high manganese steel.

in summary, Red Star Machine The new lining plate structure designed is feasible and has many advantages, which will gradually become the new trend of cement mill liner design. If you are interested in the new design of Red Star machine or the new cement mill with updated liner, you can call the Red Star hotline 0371-67772626 for details.

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