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Structural characteristics of boiling combustion chamber of Red Star dryer

Boiling combustor is dryer Of course, whether its structure design is reasonable or not also directly affects the overall performance of the dryer. Red Star machine has made great efforts in the design of the boiling combustion chamber of the dryer. Combined with the advanced technology at home and abroad, the final design of the boiling combustion chamber has a novel structure, which is roughly composed of four parts: coal drying part, blast system, boiling combustion chamber and operation control room.


1. Coal drying part

The main equipments are: (1) hammer chain coal crusher; (2) bucket elevator; (3) coal feeding bunker; (4) screw gate; (5) disc coal bunker; (6) coal feeding pipe. Anthracite without coking is required to be used as fuel for boiling combustion. The particle size of 10 mm is between 0.5 mm and 10 mm. However, the fine coal particles of 0.5 mm are easy to be carried away by the air flow. Therefore, the coal crusher is required to not only break lump coal with a diameter of ≤ 100 mm, but also meet the discharge capacity, with a particle size of ≤ 10 mm, so as to reduce the production of 0.5 mm fine coal. The new hammer chain coal crusher can meet the requirements of production granularity. Its motor power is 11kw, the production capacity is 12t / h, and the machine weight is 1.7t.

The coal supply part is required to be arranged on the front side of the combustion chamber, and the raw coal is transported to the entrance of the coal crusher by belt conveyor or manually. When feeding coal manually, the depth of the lifting pit is 3.8m (when the belt conveyor is conveying coal, the pit depth of the elevator is 1.6m). The volume of coal crushing bin is generally about 10t, and screw gate is set under the bunker. The disc coal feeder adopts slip speed regulating motor to adjust the speed. The coal feeding quantity is directly regulated in the operation room and flows into the fluidized bed boiler directly through the lower coal pipe.

2. Blast system

The resistance of the blast system (including the air duct, bellows, hood and the material layer on the hearth) is generally about 600opa. The air volume is determined by the number of selected air caps. The specific selected centrifugal fan has a wind pressure of 7740pa and an air volume of 6786m3 / h. Generally, the blower is arranged under the control room or on one side of the furnace body. Circular electric butterfly valve shall be set at the air inlet of the fan, and the electric actuator shall be selected and directly operated by the control room. The wind box can be set on the wall of the bath room to control the resistance of the hearth at any time. There are two slag discharge holes in the furnace bed, which are combined into a slag discharge pipe. The fan-shaped gate is used to lock the air. The steel wire rope is directly pulled to operate the slag removal in the operation room, and the slag is pushed away by the manual trolley.

3. Boiling combustor

The layout of the combustion chamber should be determined according to the actual requirements of the drying workshop. When the original combustion chamber is transformed, it is restricted by the local size, coal feeding direction, plant height, etc., so the layout design must be combined with the use of the original conditions to achieve compact and reasonable design, ensure production and save investment. In the new design, the furnace structure should be reasonable and the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency should be relatively high.

 Boiling combustor

The boiling combustion chamber for dryer is a small combustion chamber. The furnace body is supported by brick wall, and the furnace is supported by concrete plate.

According to the selected wind speed, there are six small holes on the wind cap. In order to avoid high wind speed in the middle part and low wind speed around the wall, a total of 192 wind caps are selected. The air cap around the hole is Φ 5.5. The general requirement is to distribute the air evenly. Generally, the distance between the lower opening of furnace door and the top of blast cap shall not be greater than 400, so as to facilitate ignition and slag cleaning. The elevation of air distribution plate of furnace bed is 1.8m from the ground. There are cold air doors on both sides of the mixing chamber, and a 0-1000 ℃ thermocouple thermometer is installed between the cold air door and the inlet of the dryer. A Φ 40 lower coal pipe is installed right above the furnace door with a slope of ≥ 50 ° and can extend to the middle of the firebrick above the furnace door. The length of the discharge pipe of the dryer should be reduced in the furnace and the blockage should be prevented. Generally, the feeding pipe with lower furnace top height and additional fire wall should be used, or the blanking pipe of heat-resistant steel or heat-resistant brick metal iron should be used instead. When drying wet clay, the inclined part can be taken as a semicircle to prevent blockage and facilitate cleaning.

4. Operation control room

The operating room is located directly opposite the combustion chamber to ensure that the operators can directly observe the flame situation at the furnace door with their eyes, so as to timely start and stop and adjust the coal feeding and blast. Generally, the distance from the furnace door is 3-4m. The operating room should be equipped with air box pressure, mixing room into the dryer inlet temperature display instrument.

This is described in detail above Red Star dryer The four parts of the boiling combustion chamber structure characteristics, we know that the four parts of the compact structure, close cooperation, makes the combustion performance of the boiling combustion chamber outstanding, which has become a major feature of the Red Star dryer, if you are interested in this machine, you can visit directly, or call the hotline 0371-67772626 for details.

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