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Design and planning of mineral processing plant

With the development of modern mineral processing, the new large-scale concentrator increasingly reflects the characteristics of large-scale equipment, comprehensive renewal of equipment, large-scale application of new technology and improvement of production automation degree, etc., which also puts forward new requirements for the design of concentrator workshop. Red Star machine manufacturers from the point of view of the characteristics of mineral processing plant, design principles, design data and other aspects for everyone to summarize the following information, for the needs of customers for reference.

 Beneficiation plant

1. Characteristics of mineral processing plant

Among various kinds of workshops, the beneficiation plant has the following outstanding characteristics:

(1) The workshop operation and production are closely linked, each process is running continuously, and the internal space of the workshop is usually large.

(2) There are a lot of kinetic energy equipment in the workshop, the weight and shape of the machine are large, and the vibration and noise are large.

(3) There is always overflow slurry in mineral processing.

The above characteristics should be fully considered in the design of mineral processing plant, and comprehensive consideration should be given to plant structure selection, layout and equipment foundation type selection to ensure normal operation of plant facilities and safe operation of personnel. Kinetic energy equipment, because of its large disturbance and noise, has a negative impact on production operators, equipment itself and workshop, so effective vibration isolation and noise reduction measures must be taken.

2. Design principles

The building configuration of mineral processing plant is largely determined by process equipment configuration. Reasonable equipment configuration is very important for smooth logistics, convenient operation and maintenance, and investment saving. The following principles should be followed in the design of beneficiation plant:

(1) In addition to meeting the needs of process equipment configuration, the determination of plant span, column spacing and rail top elevation shall be determined according to the building modulus coordination standard.

(2) The structure selection of the plant should consider the characteristics of mineral processing production, and the structural type with strong weather resistance, good sound insulation and easy maintenance should be selected.

(3) The area and space volume of the workshop should be reasonably used in operation, maintenance, disassembly and hoisting of equipment components, so as to reduce unnecessary height difference loss and effectively reduce the loss.

(4) It must meet the needs of process flow. The determination of elevation should be able to make full use of the material's own conditions, promote the self flow as far as possible, and facilitate the maintenance and repair of equipment.

(5) It is necessary to reserve an appropriate maintenance area, and the height of the workshop should meet the needs of lifting equipment or parts. The location and size of the door and installation hole should be considered for the convenience of lifting. The size should be 400 ~ 500mm larger than the overall size of the parts.

(6) The necessary development space should be reserved to make the plant structure have certain red star and expansion possibility, so as to meet the needs of equipment renewal, process transformation and production scale expansion.

(7) The requirements of safety, environmental protection and hygiene regulations must be fully considered. Protective railings shall be set up for the passageway 0.5m above the ground, operation and pit 0.5m lower than the ground; reasonable and perfect sewage discharge facilities (such as sewage pool and sedimentation tank) shall be provided in the plant, and the slope of ground and trench shall be convenient for operation, walking and sewage discharge.

 Mineral processing site

3. Design data

In the design of beneficiation plant, the necessary design conditions for design work shall be obtained from beneficiation site, mainly including the following contents:

(1) Process building (structure) connection diagram. The drawings should reflect the height, area, elevation, location and connection relationship of each workshop (room, room, station), corridor, trestle and auxiliary buildings (structures); the approximate location and size of the reserved site during construction by stages.

(2) Equipment layout of main plant. The drawing shall reflect the plane size and height of the plant, the column net, the area and elevation of each floor and operation; the relationship between the equipment and the location size of the plant, the quantity and weight of the equipment (single weight and total weight); the type, span, lifting capacity, rail elevation, operation range of the crane; each floor or operation and maintenance equipment And the size and weight of heavy parts; the approximate size and position of the main holes reserved on each floor or operation; the requirements for the opening and setting of windows in the workshop.

(3) Various bunker conditions. Such as ore bin volume, storage capacity, ore properties (particle size, moisture, loose density) and ore loading and unloading methods.

(4) Special requirements for workshop. Such as lighting, heating, insulation, waterproof requirements.

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