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Main problems and measures of calcium carbide slag drying system

The calcium carbide slag drying system of a company uses Φ 4.0m × 40m Rotary Dryer The designed drying capacity is 50t / h. The main problems and measures in its operation are as follows:

1. Discontinuous feeding of carbide slag

Feeding process: the calcium carbide slag (moisture 35% ~ 37%) after pressure filtration is added into the calcium carbide slag storage bucket with grab crane, and fed into the dryer through the belt conveyor under the bucket. As the calcium carbide slag after pressure filtration is in the "toothpaste" state, the hopper is often blocked, and the continuous feeding cannot be guaranteed in the conveying process, and it is not easy to send it into the dryer. The actual output per hour of the dryer can only reach about 30t / h, which seriously restricts the capacity of the dryer.

Measures: cancel the hopper, scraper conveyor directly transport carbide slag to the feeding conveyor, which not only blocks the hopper, but also ensures the continuity of carbide slag feeding.

 Rotary Dryer

2. Blocking inside dryer

When the calcium carbide slag is less than 1, nearly half of the lifting plate of the cylinder is hung full, and the lifting function is lost.

Measures: the design of the crushing section in the dryer cylinder is short, lengthen the section by one time, and strengthen the crushing of calcium carbide slag into the dryer. In addition, a part of chain is added to the lifting plate of the lifting section to prevent calcium carbide slag from adhering to the cylinder.

3. Raw coal crusher can not meet the demand

It is found that the crushing capacity of the designed fluidized bed boiler raw coal crusher can not meet the requirements, and the feeder will be stuck if the raw coal particle size is larger, resulting in the coal cut-off of the drying fluidized bed boiler and the stable combustion can not be guaranteed.

Measures: the raw coal crusher is changed into ring hammer crusher to concentrate the drying coal, so as to stabilize the pulverized coal particle size and ensure the coal loading of the drying fluidized bed boiler, which not only meets the needs of stable operation of the dryer, but also greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the drying fluidized bed furnace.

4. Material collapse in ash hopper of electrostatic precipitator

The five electric field electrostatic precipitator is used in the drying dust remover. Because calcium carbide slag is easy to adhere, when the temperature is low, the ash hopper often collapses, causing the ash exhauster to be pressed and affecting the continuous operation of the dryer.

Measures: the grate plate is installed on the ash hopper, and the inspection port is added. The cleaning vibration mode of the original dust hopper of the dust collector is changed from manual vibration to electric vibration, which improves the cleaning efficiency. At the same time, the exhaust temperature of the dust collector should be strictly controlled to be more than 20 ℃ higher than the dew point of the flue gas, so as to reduce the harm of condensation to the dust collector.

5. Dust emission from dryer discharge

Due to the uneven feeding of the dryer, the discharge moisture fluctuates greatly. The original design of the discharge dust remover is a single bag filter. When the discharge moisture is large, it will cause the blockage of sticky materials in the air inlet pipe. When the moisture content is small, the treatment capacity of the dust remover is not enough. Therefore, the discharge conveyor of the dryer often raises dust and affects the environment.

Measures: first of all, the moisture content of the dried carbide slag should be controlled at 12% - 15%, so as to avoid sticking and blocking of carbide slag in the process of transportation and storage, and accurately proportioning. At the same time, the discharge dust collector is replaced by the single bag filter with the air box bag filter, which improves the processing capacity of the dust collector.

After adopting the above measures, the problems of calcium carbide slag feeding and sticking were solved, the continuous and stable operation of the dryer was ensured, the designed production capacity of the dryer was achieved, the production environment was improved and the dust removal was obtained.

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