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Discussion on improvement of mineral processing machinery

At present, Mineral processing machinery In terms of types, there are many models, specifications, varieties and non-standard. The same specification and model are different, their parts are not the same, some models and specifications are the same, different manufacturers, parts are not the same. From the use of environment and conditions, mineral processing machinery is located in a bad environment, poor conditions. The slurry and slurry have great wear on the machinery. In addition to the corrosion of chemicals, the service life of the mineral processing machinery is short, and the parts are frequently replaced. Therefore, the maintenance workload of the mineral processing machinery is heavy. In addition to the annual, seasonal and monthly repair, minor repair of each shift should be carried out every day. Therefore, it has a certain impact on the mineral processing, that is, the recovery rate, product number and halo. In order to make the mineral processing machinery with long service life, short shutdown time, rapid maintenance, simple operation, etc., the following suggestions for improvement of mineral processing machinery are put forward.

 Mineral processing equipment ball mill

1. Mineral processing machinery must be standardized

Only by strict standardization, can the spare parts be exchanged, which is beneficial to procurement and processing. It can reduce the reserve of spare parts and play the role of less reserve funds, fast turnover and high utilization rate.

2. It is required that the accessory processing is simple and the maintenance is convenient

The working environment of mineral processing machinery is bad, the wear and corrosion are very large, the service time of parts is short, the maintenance is frequent, the workload is large, and the shutdown time is long. Therefore, it is required to extend the service life of accessories and shorten the maintenance time as far as possible. For example, in a tin washing plant, it was difficult to process and replace the supporting part of the desliming screen of the raw ore with copper shaft sleeve roller, and later it was replaced with a Φ 100 mm one Ball mill It is simple and convenient to use steel ball as support. Each replacement, the operator can be replaced in a few days, at the same time, has a good bearing capacity of the impact load. Another example is that the transmission connecting rod was originally connected with copper sleeve. Due to the reciprocating impact force and the immersion of sand and water, the lubrication is poor and the wear is very fast. The copper sleeve is replaced every 15 days or even once a week. It is easy to make and replace. The rubber pad is replaced only once a quarter or half a year.

3. Dust and corrosion resistance are required

Due to the poor working conditions of mineral processing machinery, anti-corrosion and wear resistance are required in the process.

4. The structure should be dustproof and waterproof

Mineral processing machinery is in contact with pulp, medicament and dust, especially crushing machinery, with large dust and much muddy water. Therefore, it is required to pay attention to dustproof, waterproof and good lubrication in structure. A concentrator Belt conveyor The upper idler used three sections of idler to form a groove, and the idler shafts on both sides are inclined. In general, the bearing is washed along the bearing shaft by using water to wash the bearing. In this way, the sediment will not flow into the bearing body, the bearing lubrication is good, and the service life of the roller bearing can be extended to more than 15 years.

This paper proposes to improve the mineral processing machinery from the aspects of finalization, accessories, process and structure, so as to achieve the purpose of standardization of finalization, simple processing of accessories, convenient maintenance, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant technology, dustproof and waterproof structure.

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