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Characteristics and application measures of fly ash

Fly ash, commonly known as fly ash, is often discharged by chimney in thermal power station. Its nature is similar to volcanic ash. It is a chemical mixture formed after coal combustion, which is generally in the form of solid powder. Due to the formation of glass beads in the combustion process, it is also spherical after cooling.

 Fly ash

1、 Characteristics of fly ash as building materials

(1) It is easy to analyze. Fly ash has potential chemical activity similar to pozzolanic ash, so pozzolanic material can be used as reference in property analysis.

(2) Spherical particles exist. When the fly ash is formed, it will melt into glass beads due to high temperature combustion. After cooling, there are a large number of spherical particles in the fly ash. Such materials can effectively reduce the surface area of the wall when used in the construction industry.

(3) It can be matched with concrete. When the gap of concrete needs to be filled, the use of fly ash will be more effective, which can strengthen the cohesion of concrete itself with a small amount of water.

(4) Large amount of utilization. Because of the rapid development of China's construction industry, a large number of building materials are needed throughout the country to carry out the normal construction process, which can consume the amount of fly ash accumulated in our country for many years.

(5) It is widely used. The physical and chemical properties of fly ash as building materials will not fluctuate greatly in various environments. Its stability leads to a wide range of utilization, and the popularity of power plants makes the production of fly ash materials easier.

(6) The utilization degree is high. As building materials, fly ash can be combined with concrete and increase the setting performance of concrete, which will lead to the situation that once the construction is completed, fly ash will be very fixed in the building, and there will be no potential safety hazard or bottom utilization rate.

(7) Save resources. Due to the rapid development of the construction industry, the demand for building materials is also increasing day by day. The emergence of fly ash undoubtedly makes up for the shortage of building materials and can save a lot of building materials. It can not only save the economic benefits of enterprises, but also save costs and natural resources.

2、 Application measures of fly ash

(1) Set up the correct goal of ideological development. In the traditional ideas and ideas, fly ash is a kind of useless waste, which can not be used efficiently. On the basis of this kind of thinking cognition, people can not pay enough attention to its recycling. To develop the application of this new building material, we should first make improvement in ideology, so as to turn the idea of turning waste into treasure into reality.

(2) Formulate relevant policies. Any development needs the corresponding support of the state before it can be carried out normally. When facing the development of this new material, the state should timely issue relevant policies to encourage its development, so that there are enough resources to develop when using fly ash.

(3) Introduce and popularize fly ash synthesis. In foreign countries, many countries have begun to study the reuse of fly ash many years ago. Our country can't make our own research behind closed doors, but actively introduce the advanced technology of other developed countries, so as to carry out research on a certain basis, and then develop our own innovative new type, and achieve a new level of resource utilization.

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