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Introduction of fly ash

Fly ash is the industrial waste released from coal combustion of hydropower plants. It contains moisture. After drying, it can be used as raw material of concrete and cement, used in construction and building materials industry; it is also a soil improver and used as agricultural fertilizer; in addition, it is also a very good environmental protection material, and can also be used in petroleum, plastic and other fields. In short, the industrial value of dried fly ash can not be ignored.

 Fly ash

The traditional dryer is lack of pertinence and can not achieve the ideal drying. In view of this, after the detailed analysis of the composition of fly ash in Henan industry, a special drying equipment for fly ash, namely fly ash dryer, is designed and produced. Its efficiency is high, its service life is long, it is flexible and convenient, and its operation is simple. It is well recognized by users. So which is the fly ash dryer in Henan? Comprehensive comparison shows that the "Red Star" brand equipment is reliable, and the market ranks first in the industry.

Advantages of "Red Star" brand fly ash dryer

1. More solid

Solid can lay the market position of fly ash dryer. Red Star machine is well aware of this truth. The materials selected for the production equipment are carefully selected, and the wear resistance, compression resistance and firmness are beyond doubt. Moreover, it is made by introducing advanced European drying concept, which ensures higher content and more exquisite manufacturing technology, and then creates it The average life span is extended by at least 5-7 years.

 Fly ash dryer

2. Better performance

Superior performance can improve the economic value of the equipment, and the performance characteristics of our company's equipment can not be underestimated, not only learn from foreign drying equipment with high degree of automation, flexible and convenient operation, small volume At the same time, it also integrates the advantages of high efficiency and high yield, stable operation, few faults and convenient maintenance of domestic dryers. In addition, its environmental protection design is also in place, not only the noise is controlled within reasonable decibels, but also the dust emission is reduced to a small value, which is completely within the scope of national standards. It is really an ideal type of fly ash drying equipment.

3. After sale

Its after-sale profit can be maintained to create better benefits for users. "Red Star" brand pulverized coal dryer in the after-sale aspect to do very perfect. Before sales, we will arrange personnel to provide you with purchasing guidance, and provide comprehensive equipment quotation, parameters and other information; during sales, we should be serious about the ex factory equipment and sign a formal contract with the user; after sales, free transportation, installation, maintenance and other basic services are essential, and there will be The staff regularly visit the users to investigate their satisfaction, optimize and maintain the equipment in time to maintain its productivity.

 Fly ash dryer

Price trend of "Red Star" brand fly ash dryer

"Red Star" brand fly ash dryer has so many advantages, so how much is its price? The price of the equipment is not fixed, and is often affected by market supply and demand, competition from manufacturers, steel prices and other factors. However, in comparison, the price of the equipment is still comparative, which is always in the preferential stage, and the overall price trend is not changed much, which is about 5% lower than the average market price. However, the price will be increased to several tens of thousands of specific models in the right“ Online consultation "Yes.

 Fly ash dryer

Hongxing machine is a fly ash dryer manufacturer in Henan Xiuzhou. Over the past 30 years, Hongxing has become China with solid, superior performance, guaranteed service and affordable price. It is widely recognized by users at home and abroad. We are welcome to inquire about it!

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