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Introduction to aluminum powder

Aluminum powder, also known as aluminum silver powder or silver powder, is widely used in powder coatings, ink, printing, textiles and so on. In addition, it can also be used to make fireworks.

Because the aluminum powder contains a certain amount of moisture, the processed aluminum powder needs to be dried, which requires the use of aluminum powder dryer. At present, there are numerous aluminum powder dryer manufacturers in the market. Which aluminum powder dryer is it? This machine has been recommended by the majority of customers.

 Aluminum powder dryer

Advantages of Red Star machine aluminum powder dryer

Red Star machine is a domestic mine equipment manufacturer, which has rich experience in the production of aluminum powder dryer. With the equipment and performance produced, let's say why the Red Star machine aluminum powder dryer is.

1. Material

Red Star machine is a very regular aluminum powder dryer manufacturer. The raw materials of the production equipment are all used. They have super wear resistance and impact resistance, which is helpful to improve the equipment.

 Aluminum powder dryer

2. Advanced production technology

Red Star machine this kind of aluminum powder dryer is produced by the dryer imported from abroad, and the production process is also adopted internationally. There is very little waste of resources in the production process, so that the equipment produced will not have any defects.

3. Strict control and strict technology

Red Star machine always attaches great importance to the equipment. It is believed that only by producing a better aluminum powder dryer can we get the support of the majority of customers. Therefore, the production process of this equipment is relatively rigorous, and some personnel in the production supervise it. Even if the details are in place, this is one of the reasons why our company's equipment is good.

 Aluminum powder dryer

Product features of Red Star machine aluminum powder dryer

1. The output is high, the amount of aluminum powder processed by the equipment is very large, and the drying efficiency is high. The dried aluminum powder can meet the construction requirements of large enterprises.

2. The internal structure design is reasonable, the parts are also very compact, the appearance is novel, and the floor space of the corresponding equipment should be reduced a lot.

3. The distribution of aluminum powder in the dryer is very uniform, making it fully contact with the hot air flow to achieve the purpose of full drying. The energy consumption is also very low, and the energy saving per unit time is more than 30%.

4. The price is affordable. In order to improve the equipment and attract more customers, the price of this equipment is set at a very low level, which is suitable for small-scale aluminum powder plants to purchase.

5. The service life of the wearing parts is very long, and the friction between the vulnerable parts in the drying process is very small, and the equipment will not appear any noise and vibration.

6. Not only can the aluminum powder be dried for a long time, but also there is almost no equipment failure in the long-time operation, which speeds up the construction progress.

 Aluminum powder dryer

In a word, the aluminum powder dryer of our company is very guaranteed, and there will be no downtime during the construction. It can save 5 operating costs for the processing plant every year. We welcome the majority of aluminum powder investors to buy our company at any time, Tel: 26677771

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