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Energy saving dryer

Introduction to dryer

The dryer is used for drying materials with certain humidity, which has a strong pertinence to the drying of materials, and has been widely used in the market. With the rapid development of economy, people pay more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. Although there are many dryer manufacturers in the market, not all the dryers produced by each manufacturer are energy-saving. According to the survey, only the dryers produced by Red Star machines can save energy It can save a lot of costs for the processing plant every year. In this paper, we briefly introduce the relevant contents of the Red Star machine.


Structure of energy saving dryer

The internal structure of the energy-saving dryer is simple, mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, reducer, gear, idler, stop roller, feed chute, front roll ring, rear roll ring, discharge part, pinion, motor, hot air duct, furnace body and other parts. The installation and operation of the equipment are also very convenient.

Features of energy saving dryer

1. Compared with similar equipment on the market, this equipment can save more than 30% energy and save a lot of operating costs for customers to a certain extent.

2. The cylinder body is made of wear-resistant material, which makes the equipment have super wear resistance and impact resistance, and then prolongs the service life of the equipment.


3. Tailings treatment is in place, there is no dust in the construction site, which improves the construction environment of the processing plant and reduces the harm of environmental pollution to people to a certain extent.

4. The automation degree is also very high, which reduces manpower and financial resources, improves the overall efficiency of the processing plant, and can dry materials for a long time.

5. The material used for important parts is very good, so the probability of failure in the process of work is very low, and the maintenance is also very convenient. There are special parts replacement tools to shorten the downtime of the equipment.


Energy saving dryer price

Not only do users care when buying equipment Moreover, we are very concerned about the price. The energy-saving dryer produced by our Red Star machine is superior in performance and affordable in price, especially suitable for small-scale processing plants. The reason for the low price is that our company is a self-produced and self-sale manufacturer, and the production and sales cost of the equipment, and then the market quotation of the equipment will be very low; moreover, the technology of the production equipment of our company is relatively advanced There is no waste in the production process, and the price is set at a low level, which is very worthwhile for you to buy.

As a domestic mine equipment manufacturer, the performance of the energy-saving dryer produced by Hongxing machine meets the needs of customers, and the drying is also very good, which has been favored by the majority of customers. Therefore, if you need to purchase the equipment, please come to our company at any time, and we will provide you with quality service, Purchase telephone: 0371-67772626.

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