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How much is the price of a coking coal dryer

Introduction to coking coal

Coking coal, also known as metallurgical coal, is a kind of bituminous coal with medium and strong cohesiveness. There are many coking coal resources in China, mainly distributed in Northeast, Hebei, Shandong and other places.

Because the coking coal contains a certain amount of moisture after processing, it is necessary to use the coking coal dryer for drying. Now there are many domestic coking coal dryer manufacturers, and the price of their equipment is also high and low. In this paper, we briefly introduce the price of a coking coal dryer.

 Coking coal dryer

Influencing factors of coking coal dryer price

1. Equipment

The quality of coking coal dryer not only affects the drying efficiency of the equipment, but also affects the price of the equipment. A good coking coal dryer market quotation is certainly relatively high, because the cost of good equipment production is relatively high; on the contrary, the price of general equipment will be low.

2. Competition from manufacturers

Now there are more and more coking coal dryer manufacturers in the market, and the competition among them is becoming more and more fierce. Generally speaking, the more fierce the competition, the lower the price of the equipment, because some manufacturers deliberately set the price of the equipment very low in order to defeat the competitors, and then the overall equipment price in the market will be reduced.

 Coke dryer

3. Production technology

Different coking coal dryer manufacturers have different processes for their production equipment. If the process of production equipment is advanced, there will be little waste of resources in the production process, the production cost of corresponding equipment will be low, and the price is of course very low; if the process of production equipment of a manufacturer is backward, the production cost of the equipment will be high, and the market quotation will be very high.


At present, there are so many coking coal dryer manufacturers in China, and the equipment produced by different manufacturers is different. Some manufacturers produce equipment with high popularity, but the price of such manufacturers' equipment is very high; and those manufacturers with general popularity have low equipment prices.

 Coking coal dryer

Hongxing coking coal dryer

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