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Silver ore dryer

Introduction to silver mine

Silver ore, also known as silver, is a sulfide mineral with the characteristics of electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, plasticity and so on. Its color is generally black and gray, which has been widely used in all walks of life.

Silver ore dryer is used as drying equipment in silver ore dressing. It is mainly used for drying silver ore containing certain moisture materials. It has strong pertinence for silver ore drying. The equipment is made by red star machine according to the nature of silver ore and on the basis of foreign advanced dryer. It is cost-effective in the current market A silver mine dryer, some of the following equipment to do a detailed introduction.

 Silver ore dryer

Structure of silver ore dryer

The silver ore dryer has a simple structure, which is mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, reducer, gear, idler, stop roller, feed chute, front roll ring, rear roll ring, discharge section, pinion, motor, hot air duct, furnace body and other parts. The installation and operation of the equipment are also very convenient.

Working principle of silver ore dryer

The silver ore dryer is composed of a cylinder structure, the cylinder is horizontally placed, one end is slightly higher and the other end is slightly lower. When the equipment is working, the wet silver ore is sent to the feeding hopper through the belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then the silver ore enters the dryer from the higher end of the dryer. The dryer keeps rotating, and the silver ore in the cylinder is taken to the high place and then dropped There is a lifting plate on the inner wall of the body. The purpose is to bring the silver ore to a high place and evenly scatter it, so as to increase the contact area between the silver ore and the air. Some dryers also pass hot air from one end to dry the materials more quickly.

 Silver ore dryer

Unique advantages of silver ore dryer

1. High drying efficiency: the cylinder body is made of high quality material, which makes the residence time of silver ore in the cylinder shorter, more sufficient drying can be obtained, and the drying efficiency is higher.

2. Less floor space: the structure design of this equipment is reasonable, the horizontal structure is adopted, and the floor area is relatively small, which reduces the capital construction funds to a certain extent.

3. Simple maintenance: the internal structure design has certain advantages, and some parts replacement tools make the installation and disassembly of the equipment more convenient, which also shortens the downtime of the equipment during maintenance.

4. Low energy consumption: the energy consumption in the working process is very low. The whole workflow saves 5 expenses, which saves a lot of fuel costs for users.

5. Environmental protection: tailings treatment is in place, there will be no dust overflow during the operation of the equipment, which improves the construction environment of the silver processing plant.

6. Large processing capacity: the design of the feed inlet is very large, and the amount of silver ore is very large, which improves the drying capacity of the equipment and the output of silver ore.

 Silver ore dryer

Silver ore dryer price advantage

How much is the price of silver ore dryer? This is a problem that many silver mine investors are very concerned about. Our Red Star machine production technology is advanced, and the waste of resources in the production process is relatively less. Therefore, the silver ore dryer produced by our company is more economical and affordable under the premise of guarantee. As our company has more models of this equipment, please call the specific price of each type of equipment 0371-67772626 Detailed inquiry.

To sum up, our Red Star Machine silver ore dryer has the advantages of simple structure, superior performance and affordable price. It is a silver flotation equipment widely used in the market at present, and has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad. We welcome you to visit and purchase at any time.

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