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Brief introduction of slag dryer

Slag is a kind of material produced in the process of pyrometallurgy. According to the degree of smelting, it can be divided into refining slag and smelting slag. Due to the development of modern industry, the output of slag in the market is increasing year by year. It not only occupies a certain land area, but also pollutes the environment. With the enhancement of people's environmental protection, people begin to re-establish slag This not only reduces pollution, but also saves resources.

Slag dryer is specially used for slag dehydration and drying equipment, with simple structure, easy operation, environmental protection, high efficiency and other characteristics. Henan is the main production place of slag dryer, and the slag dryer provided each year accounts for 1 / 3 of the total domestic market. So, which slag dryer manufacturer in Henan is good, and how much is the equipment price? We have a higher comprehensive evaluation on users For the lower price manufacturers to do a detailed introduction.

 Slag dryer

Recommended by manufacturers of slag dryers in Henan Province

1. Reliable

The equipment produced by Hongxing machine adopts the advanced slag dryer production process, and improves and optimizes the materials according to the actual demand of the domestic market. The wearing parts of the equipment are made of wear-resistant and compression resistant materials, which makes the equipment performance higher More advanced, longer service life, improve the efficiency of the equipment in the operation, and its production equipment in the price positioning is very affordable, so it is favored by users.

2. Large scale

Red Star machine has been established for more than 30 years, and has a more important position in the market. Its production equipment is deeply loved by users. In order to make the manufacturer have greater development, red star machine factory has set up a number of branches in the market, and the scale is constantly expanding, and there are different in the market The sales outlets of Red Star machine manufacturers are all over the country, which not only facilitates the purchase of users, but also reduces the unnecessary expenses of users, which has been unanimously recognized by users in the market.

3. Excellent service

Customer satisfaction is the pursuit goal of Red Star machine manufacturers, which can effectively reduce the downtime of equipment in production and reduce unnecessary expenses of users. The main measures include: before sales, select appropriate equipment for users according to their production needs; assist users to design construction scheme during sales; after sales, install and debug equipment for users, and conduct regular maintenance for users Guide, and can also provide accessories services for users, ensure the time to meet the user's replacement needs, so that users in production more continuous, efficient.

 Slag dryer

Advantages of Henan Hongxing slag dryer

1. For the barrel of the equipment, the raw materials with strong wear resistance, good compression resistance and corrosion resistance are selected to reduce the wear in operation and prolong the service life of the equipment in production.

2. On the basis of advanced technology, the volume of the cylinder is improved, which increases the processing capacity of the equipment in unit time, saves the occupied area of the equipment, facilitates the operation of the user in the production, improves the efficiency of the equipment, and reduces the cost of the user in the production.

3. The equipment has a good sealing system, which can reduce the dust pollution in the production workshop, effectively avoid the loss of production heat, reduce the energy consumption of production, and save a lot of fuel costs for users every year.

 Slag dryer

Henan Hongxing machine slag dryer price advantage

The price of slag dryer produced by red star machine is relatively low in the industry, which is mainly because: the Red Star machine is located in Henan, where the price is low, so the production equipment is to ensure the equipment At the same time, its market price is somewhat low; there is no middleman for the equipment produced by Red Star Machinery, which is directly sold to users, so there will be no price difference, which is an important factor for its low price positioning of slag dryer in the market.

 Slag dryer

In a word, Hongxing machine is the slag dryer manufacturer loved by users in Henan Province. The production equipment is cost-effective, advanced and excellent, which can effectively reduce the user's expenditure in production. Moreover, our company can select appropriate equipment for users according to the production needs of users, and guide users from time to time, so as to make users have higher efficiency and better income in production.

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