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Copper mine dryer

Brief introduction to copper mine

There are many kinds of copper deposits in China, including chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite, etc. they are mostly in bright yellow, lead gray, indigo and other colors. They are widely distributed in Jiangxi, Yunnan, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Tibet, Gansu and other provinces in China. Copper is mainly used in power and telecommunication industry because of its good conductivity, large reserves, simple processing and low price.

The copper concentrate after flotation processing needs to be dehydrated and dried by copper dryer. The copper ore dryer produced by Hongxing machine is produced by introducing international advanced drying machine and combining with the properties of copper concentrate. It has good pertinence and pertinence, and has better drying performance. Therefore, it has been widely recognized and affirmed in domestic and foreign markets. The following mainly introduces the structure, performance advantages and working principle of the equipment, hoping that you can have a more in-depth understanding of the equipment.

 Copper mine dryer

Structure of copper mine dryer

Copper mine dryer is produced by advanced technology with simple structure. It is usually composed of frame, heat supply, feeding machine, feeding machine, rotary drum, material crushing device, discharging machine, induced draft fan, unloader and power distribution cabinet.

Copper mine dryer performance advantages

1. The unique Triangle rubber transmission mode can ensure the equipment operation more stable and reliable, reduce the noise, improve the safety, and reduce the failure rate of more than 80%;

2. The high dispersion of copper concentrate minerals in the cylinder can increase the effective contact area of the remaining hot air flow, thus improving the drying efficiency, The yield can reach 76 T / h;

3. The introduction of advanced German production technology and the improvement design of the equipment combined with our annual production experience can effectively simplify its structural composition, reduce the floor area, and reduce the operation and infrastructure costs;

 Copper mine dryer

4. The use of automatic cooling system can ensure that the waste heat can be fully used for drying, and the fuel cost can be saved by nearly 10 per year, and the grade of finished copper concentrate can be effectively improved and its comprehensive utilization can be improved;

5. Both ends of the drying cylinder are highly sealed, which can not only avoid heat loss, but also reduce dust flying out, which effectively achieves the ideal production target of energy saving and environmental protection, and reduces the additional dust removal cost;

6. The copper mine dryer is cheap, which can keep its excellent and cheap price on the premise of ensuring its reliability and performance, and the average 3 can recover the cost, and the production efficiency is very significant.

 Copper mine dryer

Working principle of copper mine dryer

When the copper ore dryer is working, the copper ore is sent to the hopper by the conveying equipment, and the copper ore is sent to the feeding end of the copper mine dryer by the feeding machine, and enters the cylinder body smoothly through the inclined feeding pipe. The cylinder moves slowly in the working process, and has a certain angle with the horizontal line At the same time, the downward force of gravity moves slowly into the lower end of the cylinder Impact, reverse contact with copper materials, in the process of contact between the two to complete the copper drying. In addition, the cylinder is equipped with a copying plate, which can continuously copy and scatter copper ore materials, greatly increasing the contact area between copper ore and heat carrier, and improving the drying rate.

 Copper mine dryer

In a word, as Henan copper mine dryer manufacturer, our company not only provides you with high-efficiency, high-yield, green and energy-saving high-quality equipment, but also its affordable price and after-sales service, which can meet all the needs of customers and benefit customers. If you want to know the price details, parameters, operation process, customer site and other information, please call the free hotline at any time, or visit our factory in person! Our company will be enthusiastic service, looking forward to your arrival!

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