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Granite dryer

Brief introduction to granite

Granite is a kind of igneous rock, which is widely distributed in the earth's crust. Because granite is not easy to be weathered, high hardness and wear-resistant, it can be widely used in building materials, highways, buildings, railways and other fields. China's granite resource reserves are also very large, mainly distributed in Henan, Sichuan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi and other places, with high utilization value High.


Granite drying machine is used to process granite, so we need to develop a granite drying machine.

Structure of granite dryer

The internal structure of granite dryer is simple, mainly composed of cylinder, roller ring, gear, discharge part, lifting plate, reducer, motor, feeding chute and so on.

 Granite dryer

Performance characteristics of granite dryer

1. The granite dryer has simple internal structure, small floor area, convenient operation and maintenance, reduces labor intensity and equipment downtime.

2. Drying efficiency is good, thermal efficiency is high, thermal efficiency can reach 60%, drying granite is very good, can get very dry granite.

3. In the process of operation, the cylinder runs smoothly, reduces the wear of parts, prolongs the replacement cycle of parts, and reduces the operating costs of customers.

4. It has strong wear resistance and impact resistance, and the appearance design is also very novel, which prolongs the service life of the equipment.

 Granite dryer

5. It is very important to protect the environment and protect the environment.

6. Energy saving and consumption reduction is good. In the process of granite drying, the energy loss is relatively small, which reduces the operating cost of customers, and can save 2 expenses for customers.

7. The amount of granite treated is very large, and there will be no blockage at the feed inlet. The equipment can run smoothly and the probability of failure is very low.

 Granite dryer

Working principle of granite dryer

Granite dryer is composed of a cylindrical structure, the cylinder is horizontally placed, one end is slightly higher and the other end is slightly lower. When the equipment is working, the wet granite is sent to the feeding hopper through the belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then the granite enters the dryer from the higher end of the dryer. The dryer keeps rotating, and the granite in the cylinder is taken to the high place with the rotation Fall. There is a lifting plate on the inner wall of the cylinder. The purpose is to bring the granite to a high place and evenly scatter it, so as to increase the contact area between the granite and the air. Some dryers also pass hot air from one end to dry the materials more quickly.

 Granite dryer

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