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Dryer model / dryer price

Introduction to dryer

The dryer is mainly used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry for dehydration and drying of materials. It can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of materials and create higher profits for the production of users. The dryer has the characteristics of strong processing capacity, low unit energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. It can make users more continuous and efficient in production, and it is well received by users in the market They love it.


Because users have different processing capacity for materials in production, they need to use different types of equipment for production and processing of materials, which makes users have different expenditures in production. What are the dryer models and what is the price? The following is the description of the dryer price and its model made by red star machine.

Introduction of dryer model

According to different production requirements of users, the manufacturer has produced more than 20 different models, such as φ 1.2x10, φ 1.5x15, φ 1.8x14, φ 2.2x16, φ 2.4x20, φ 2.6x24, and φ 3.2x25. They are different in cylinder diameter, unit production capacity, electric power of main engine and total weight of equipment, so users choose different types of equipment to produce materials The cost of processing is different, and different types of equipment in the unit time processing capacity is different, therefore, different types of equipment can bring different benefits for the production of users.


Henan Hongxing machine dryer price

Hongxing machine produces many types of dryers, users can choose the more suitable dryer model according to their actual production needs, so that they can make more profits in production. Henan Hongxing machine not only has many dryer models, but also is very reasonable when positioning the price of different types of equipment, which can effectively reduce the user's expenditure in production and make it obtain The higher profit, the lower price of equipment produced by red star machine is mainly due to:

First, the Red Star machine is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, which makes the cost of labor and material resources for manufacturers to produce equipment lower, so the manufacturers will lower the price of equipment.

Second, the Red Star machine manufacturer is a large mining machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, production and sales. It produces equipment with higher and better performance, and will not set a price for users, so as to reduce unnecessary costs of users in production.

Third, there are many dryer manufacturers in Henan market, and the greater market competitiveness is also an important reason for the low price of dryers in Henan.


It has a large scale of domestic manufacturers of Machine Dryers Excellent, and the introduction of advanced production technology in the production of equipment makes the equipment more advanced. Not only that, our company also provides users with more perfect and reasonable after-sales service, which ensures the efficiency and continuity of users in production, and enables users to have higher income in production. If you want to know more about the equipment produced by red star machine, you are welcome to have a need Of the users came to consult and order.

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