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Coke dryer manufacturers which good

Introduction to coke

Coke is a solid product under high temperature coking. It is hard, porous and high calorific value. It is widely used in iron making industry. According to its different uses, coke can be divided into metallurgical coke, gasification coke, calcium carbide coke, etc. users can choose the appropriate materials according to their needs. Because of the low utilization rate of coke, it is necessary to carry out certain measures In order to improve its comprehensive utilization.


The dehydration and drying of coke is an important process in the production and processing. Coke dryer is a common drying equipment, which can quickly and efficiently dry the materials needed to be dried. Henan is an important production base of coke dryer. There are a large number of coke dryer manufacturers here. Which one is good for Henan coke dryer manufacturers? The following small series will be for users Comprehensive higher, equipment market price lower manufacturers for you to do a detailed introduction.

Recommended by coke dryer manufacturer

There are many coke dryer manufacturers in the market. Here, we would like to recommend Hongxing Machinery, a well-known and well-known manufacturer in Henan Province. The company has been established for more than 30 years and has rich mining machinery and equipment production experience. Moreover, it has continuously introduced more advanced coke dryer production at home and abroad, which makes its production equipment performance higher It can also provide users with a series of more perfect services such as pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, which ensures the efficiency and continuity of users in production, and enables users to harvest higher benefits in production. Therefore, Henan Hongxing machine is the choice of users to purchase equipment.

 Coke dryer

Advantages of Red Star coke dryer

The coke dryer produced by Hongxing Machinery has been recognized by the majority of users in terms of price and performance. The advantages of the equipment are as follows:

1. By selecting more reasonable operation parameters, the coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment can be saved by 10% - 15% compared with the ordinary dryer, thus reducing the user's expenditure on fuel and electricity.

2. Compared with the same equipment in the market, the unit production of the equipment is increased by more than 10%, the output of the equipment is increased, and the income of users in production is higher.

3. Due to the superior geographical location and the nature of direct sales from manufacturers, our company is very affordable in terms of the price positioning of the equipment, which can effectively reduce the initial investment of users when purchasing the equipment.

4. The operation of the equipment is convenient, and the operation is relatively stable, so that the service life of the equipment is increased, and the unnecessary cost investment of the user in the production is reduced.

 Coke dryer

Red Star machine is deeply loved by users in the market, and the strong manufacturers Advanced, the production of equipment performance is excellent, the price is very affordable, choose red star machine can save users 3% - 10% of the cost, not only that, red star machine can also provide reasonable after-sales service for users, according to the actual needs of users, for users to choose more appropriate equipment, and timely and effective help users In the production of difficult problems, for the production of users to create greater profits, welcome users to call our 24-hour free telephone number: 0371—67772626 Or visit the company on the spot.

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