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Introduction to dryer

The dryer is mainly used for drying materials with certain humidity. The equipment has strong adaptability to materials, and has the characteristics of simple operation, long service life, high drying efficiency, safety and reliability, which has been favored by the majority of customers.

Henan dryer manufacturers account for more than 80% of the country, each manufacturer produces a variety of equipment models, but not every manufacturer's dryer performance is very good, which dryer manufacturer in Henan? In this paper, we recommend a manufacturer of dryer.


Hongxing machine recommended by Henan dryer manufacturer

Hongxing machine is the manufacturer of dryer in Henan Province. The production equipment is guaranteed and the price is affordable. The important thing is that the after-sales service is also first-class.

1. Excellent

Red Star machine dryer is very guaranteed, with quality material processing, and the use of technology manufacturing, every link in the production process is very strict, there will be no problems, so customers who choose our dryer can rest assured.



The price of dryer is a problem that users are very concerned about. They want to buy a dryer with superior performance and affordable price. The market price of our Red Star machine dryer meets the requirements of all customers and is 5% lower than that of other manufacturers For the majority of dryer users to save a lot of costs, the reason for the low price is that we are very regular manufacturers, the equipment will not be arbitrarily priced, so the equipment prices will be very reasonable.

3. Perfect service

Whether the dryer can always run smoothly depends on a manufacturer's after-sales service. Our company can provide customers with perfect pre-sale, in-service and after-sales service, help customers choose suitable type of dryer equipment, install and test the equipment on site free of charge. We also have a 24-hour free telephone number. If you have any problem, you can call at any time Repair, our staff will rush to the scene as soon as possible to deal with it, reduce the economic loss of the processing plant.


Features of Red Star machine dryer

1. The utility model has the advantages of horizontal structure, convenient use of equipment and reduced labor intensity.

2. High drying efficiency, hot air and material contact area is very large, so that the material after drying is very dry, to meet the drying requirements of customers.

3. It has strong wear resistance and impact resistance, so that the friction of the equipment is very small in the working process, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.

4. Energy consumption is very low, energy saving and consumption reduction, can save a lot of costs for processing plants every year, and environmental protection measures are also very in place.

5. The operation is very stable, even if it is a long time of material drying operation, the equipment will not have any fault, to a certain extent, reduce the maintenance cost.


In a word, our Red Star machine dryer can fully meet the requirements of our customers, and the price is also within the range acceptable to customers. It is worth your choosing. If you choose our dryer now, you can also enjoy a discount, which is very cost-effective.

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