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Stone dryer

Introduction of stone dryer

Stone, also known as stone, mainly has two types: natural stone and artificial stone. It is the rock used for building, road building and other materials or similar to rock. The stone processed by crushing and drying has its application in many fields, which is an important step to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of stone.

Stone dryer is developed according to the different properties of stone. It has the characteristics of compact structure, novel design, convenient operation and environmental protection. It can reduce production input, improve production efficiency, and help users have higher profits in production.

 Stone dryer

Stone structure dryer

The stone dryer is reasonable in design, simple in structure and convenient for users to install, operate and maintain. The equipment is mainly composed of barrel, dial plate, transmission device, induced draft device, cleaning device, dust removal device, electric control equipment, exhaust pipe and other components.

Advantages of stone dryer

1. The design of operation parameters of the equipment is more reasonable, so the coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment are reduced by 10-20% compared with the ordinary dryer, and the user's expenditure on fuel and electricity is saved.

2. The cylinder wall has good heat preservation performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which avoids heat loss and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

3. It has the advantages of simple structure and strong applicability to various materials drying.

4. In operation, the stability is strong, the noise generated by the equipment is low, which increases the safety and reliability of the equipment.

5. The effective volume of the cylinder is enlarged, which improves the material handling capacity of the equipment per unit time.

 Stone dryer

Price of stone dryer

The price of stone dryer is a problem that users pay more attention to when purchasing equipment. Among the numerous stone dryer manufacturers in the market, which one produces more affordable equipment? Therefore, some people have done a market survey. The results show that Henan Hongxing Machinery and mineral machinery equipment manufacturer is favored by users, not only because the equipment produced by the manufacturer has higher performance and stability Moreover, the price of stone dryer is very affordable, which can greatly reduce the user's expenses in production and reduce the unnecessary expenses of users in the early stage.

 Stone dryer

If you want to know more about the price, specification and model, production capacity and cylinder volume of the stone dryer, you can contact us. Some personnel of our company will give detailed answers to the questions raised by users, and help users to choose more suitable production equipment, and regularly provide more guidance for users, so as to benefit the users.

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