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Lime powder dryer

Brief introduction of lime powder dryer

Lime powder is a white powder material with calcium carbonate as the main component, which has great use value, especially in the construction industry. Dryer for the drying of lime powder, lime powder dryer is a drying equipment with large processing capacity and low energy consumption developed according to the properties of lime powder, which has been unanimously affirmed by users in the market. Below, we will give a detailed description of the lime powder dryer.

 Lime powder dryer

Structure of lime powder dryer

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, dust collector, powder feeder, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, dust collector, etc.

Advantages of lime powder dryer

1. The effective volume of the cylinder is large, which improves the unit treatment capacity of lime powder and the output of the equipment.

2. The design of the equipment is simple, small in size, convenient for users to operate and maintain, and reduces the cost of infrastructure.

3. The equipment has good stability, low noise and low dust in production, which prolongs the service life of the equipment and reduces the environmental pollution in the production.

4. Reasonable operation parameters can reduce the coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment by 10% - 15% compared with the general dryer, which can save a lot of fuel and electricity costs for users every year.

 Lime powder dryer

Lime powder dryer manufacturer

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Excellent

Manufacturers strictly control the production of equipment, to ensure that each equipment has a long life and high performance, not only that, the company also introduced a more advanced lime powder dryer production, making the equipment more advanced as a whole, which can create more favorable conditions for the production of users and obtain more considerable benefits.

2. Ultra low price

The manufacturer has a fixed raw material supplier, and has a very strict management of the equipment price, which can avoid the starting price of the user, reduce the unnecessary production expenditure of the user, and make the user have a higher profit in the production.

3. High quality service

In order to ensure the continuity and efficiency of users in production, manufacturers can make purchase plans for users free of charge, provide accessories services for users, and regularly guide users to reduce the downtime of equipment in production, and help users make profits in production.

 Lime powder dryer

The above is a simple analysis of the structure, advantages and manufacturers of lime powder dryer. If users want to know more about the equipment, they can call the free hotline of Red Star machine for detailed inquiry. Our service guarantees to satisfy every user.

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