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Aluminum hydroxide dryer

Brief introduction of aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum hydroxide is a kind of aluminum hydroxide, which has the functions of convergence, acid resistance and mucosal protection. It is not only used in synthetic rubber, coating and building materials industry, but also the basic raw material of aluminum fluoride which is necessary in the electrolytic aluminum industry. It has been widely used by the majority of users in the market.

Aluminum hydroxide dryer can effectively dry aluminum hydroxide with high water content, meet the drying requirements of users for materials in production, and enable users to gain higher benefits in production. Red Star machine is a better aluminum hydroxide dryer manufacturer in the domestic market, which can provide users with more cost-effective equipment. The following is the structure of aluminum hydroxide dryer made by red star machine manufacturer , advantages and prices.

 Aluminum hydroxide dryer

Structure of aluminum hydroxide dryer

Aluminum hydroxide dryer is mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, transmission device, exhaust pipe, feeding device, discharging device, cleaning device, induced draft device, dust removal device and electric control device. The vulnerable parts of the equipment are made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials, which extends the service life of the equipment in operation.

Advantages of aluminum hydroxide dryer

1. The cylinder has good sealing performance, reduces the heat loss and avoids the pollution of dust and noise to the environment.

2. The volume of the cylinder is expanded to improve the processing capacity of the equipment for materials per unit time and the drying efficiency of the equipment.

3. Reasonable operation parameters can reduce the coal consumption and power consumption of the equipment and save more than 10% - 15% of the cost for users every year.

4. The design of the equipment is more reasonable, which facilitates the operation of the user in the production and reduces the occupied area of the equipment.

5. The equipment has strong stability, which makes the production of the equipment more safe and reliable, and reduces the maintenance frequency of the equipment.

 Aluminum hydroxide dryer

Price of aluminum hydroxide dryer

Red Star machine is worth recommending for users aluminum hydroxide dryer manufacturers, production equipment not only has higher Moreover, it can provide comprehensive after-sales service for users, ensure the continuous and efficient production of users, and make the production efficiency of users higher. Moreover, the price positioning of aluminum hydroxide dryer produced by red star machine is also very affordable, which effectively reduces the cost investment of users in production, and makes the production harvest of users higher, because the equipment models required by users are different If you want to know more about the exact quotation of the required equipment, you can call our company for free (0371—67772626) For detailed inquiry, we will select the appropriate equipment according to the actual needs of users, and make reasonable and accurate quotation for the equipment to ensure that users are satisfied.

 Aluminum hydroxide dryer

Henan Hongxing machine manufacturers provide users with various types of aluminum hydroxide dryers, and the equipment price is generally low, which can not only meet the production needs of different users, but also reduce the user's cost on the equipment, so that users can gain more profits in production.

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