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Mortar dryer

Introduction of mortar dryer

Mortar, also known as mortar and mortar, is a kind of cohesive material, mainly composed of gel material, fine aggregate and water mixing. It is widely used in the construction field, so it is very popular in the market.

Mortar dryer is an efficient and energy-saving drying equipment, with large processing capacity, long service life, low energy consumption and affordable price, which can create higher income for the production of users. The equipment produced by red star machine is advanced and cost-effective, which is deeply loved by users in the market. The following is the specific analysis of the mortar dryer made by red star machine.

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Structure of mortar dryer

The mortar dryer is simple in structure, reasonable in design, small in floor area and durable in service. Its structure is mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, transmission device, feeding device, discharging device, cleaning device, induced draft device, dust removal device, electric control equipment and other components. The vulnerable parts of the equipment are made of wear-resistant, compressive resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which can reduce wear and prolong the service life of the equipment service life.

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Advantages of mortar dryer

1. The cylinder of mortar dryer has good sealing performance, which can avoid the overflow of dust in the production, and reduce the heat loss in the production, which can make the production of users more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

2. In unit time, the energy consumption and power consumption of the equipment are reduced by more than 10% - 15% compared with the general dryer, which can save a lot of fuel and electricity costs for users every year.

3. It can not only dry the mortar quickly, but also can dry other minerals on the market.

4. Reasonable design can reduce the infrastructure cost of the equipment and facilitate the operation of users in production.

5. In the process of operation, the equipment is stable and low noise, which reduces the maintenance frequency of the equipment in operation and makes the equipment more durable in operation.

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Mortar dryer manufacturer

In the domestic market, there are many mortar dryers manufacturers, among which Hongxing machine mortar dryer manufacturers are worth recommending for users. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The factory has been established for more than 30 years, with rich production experience, advanced production facilities and large production scale. The equipment produced by the factory has higher performance and more reliable.

2. The introduction of advanced mortar drying equipment, prolong the service life of domestic and foreign mortar drying machine.

3. Because of its superior geographical location, direct selling nature and the marketing mode of small profits and high sales, red star machine manufacturers have low prices for various equipment they produce.

4. While ensuring the efficient and energy-saving production of the equipment, it also provides users with a series of high-quality services such as pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales, so as to reduce the downtime of equipment in operation, so that users can benefit more from production.

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The mortar dryer produced by Hongxing machine is not only guaranteed after sale, but also has complete specifications and models, which can meet different needs of users in production. Moreover, the price of mortar dryer produced by Hongxing machine manufacturer is also very affordable, which greatly reduces the user's expenditure in production and makes users profit.

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