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Red mud dryer

Introduction to red mud

Red mud is a kind of waste residue discharged from aluminum plant when extracting alumina. These waste residues not only pollute the environment, but also do harm to people's health. Therefore, it is necessary to process the red mud. Because the red mud contains a certain amount of moisture, the processed red mud needs to be dried by a dryer, while the ordinary dryer can not meet the drying of red mud For this reason, red star machine developed a drying machine for red mud drying according to the nature of red mud, that is, red mud dryer. The equipment has a strong pertinence for red mud drying, which has been favored by the majority of red mud investors. The following is a brief introduction to the relevant contents of this equipment.

 Red mud dryer

Structure of red mud dryer

The internal structure of red mud dryer is simple and horizontal structure is adopted, so the occupied area of the equipment is relatively reduced. It is mainly composed of cylinder, exhaust pipe, feeding device, discharge device, cleaning device, dial plate, induced draft device, transmission device, noise elimination device, dust removal device and electric control equipment. The installation and maintenance of the equipment is also very convenient.

Features of red mud dryer

1. The internal structure design of the equipment is reasonable, and the size and weight of the equipment are small, and the corresponding equipment area is also very small, which reduces a large part of capital construction funds;

2. The volume of the cylinder is very large, so the amount of red mud treated per unit time is also very large, there will be no blockage in the process of treatment, and the equipment can always run smoothly;

3. The cylinder body is made of wear-resistant material, which has strong wear resistance. In the process of drying red mud, the friction will be very small, and the service life of the cylinder will be extended;

 Red mud dryer

4. Good sealing and thermal insulation performance reduces the heat consumption, and the electricity consumption in production is also reduced, so the electricity bill will naturally be reduced;

5. It can work in all kinds of bad environment, and the red mud dried in bad environment will not change;

6. The tailings treatment is in place, which improves the construction environment of red mud processing plant, reduces the harm of environmental pollution to people, and really plays a role in protecting the environment;

7. Affordable price, our company is a direct selling manufacturer, the price of red mud dryer is economical and affordable in the market, reducing the cost of the majority of red mud investors.

 Red mud dryer

Red mud dryer after sales service

The quality of the after-sales service of a manufacturer affects the normal operation of the equipment. Our Red Star machine has perfect pre-sale, sales and after-sales services, which are not available to other manufacturers. Before sales, some of our personnel recommend the appropriate type of equipment according to the construction site conditions. During the sales, we will formulate reasonable operation procedures for customers according to the requirements of customers Personnel visit customers regularly, once any equipment problems, personnel will be timely to deal with, will not affect the construction progress of red mud processing plant, in addition, our company can tailor-made equipment according to the construction site, to ensure the benefit of red mud processing plant, to the user, it is practical to choose our Red Star machine red mud dryer.

 Red mud dryer

In short, if you need to buy red mud dryer users, please come to our Red Star machine at any time to purchase, choose our Red Star machine red mud dryer, to ensure that your red mud processing plant profits, for the majority of users, very cost-effective, our company address and telephone number are as follows:

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