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Energy saving dryer

Brief introduction of energy saving dryer

The energy-saving dryer is also used for drying the processed materials. The equipment is developed by red star machine adopting the advanced drying machine processing and drying machine processing technology of foreign countries. It is a very good energy-saving equipment, not only energy-saving Good, and the drying efficiency of the equipment is also very high, its performance advantages are also very superior, this article on the content of this energy-saving dryer to do a detailed introduction.

 Energy saving dryer

Structure of energy saving dryer

The internal structure of the energy-saving dryer is simple, mainly composed of cylinder body, lifting plate, reducer, gear, idler, stop roller, feed chute, front roller ring, rear roller ring, discharge part, pinion, motor, hot air duct, furnace body and other parts. The operation and installation of the equipment are also very convenient, which shortens the downtime of the equipment.

Features of energy saving dryer

1. Energy saving is very good, installed with very advanced energy-saving devices, so that the equipment in the process of work energy consumption is very small, and reduce the operating cost of the equipment;

2. The cylinder body is made of high quality material, which makes it have super wear resistance, the friction degree in the cylinder body is reduced, and the service life of the cylinder body is also prolonged;

 Energy saving dryer

3. The tailings treatment is also in place, there is no dust on the construction site, and the emission standard is within the specified range, which really plays a role in protecting the environment;

4. Continuous drying of materials, the probability of equipment failure is very low, the reason is that the important parts are made of materials, so the probability of equipment failure will be reduced;

5. The amount of materials processed per unit time is very large, and the drying efficiency is high, which improves the drying capacity and output of the equipment, and then the overall profit of the processing plant is greatly improved;

6. High degree of automation, more convenient control of equipment, reduce the intensity of manual labor, operation is more convenient, and then the operator can better operate the equipment to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment.

 Energy saving dryer

Precautions for maintenance of energy saving dryer

1. Regularly maintain the bearing and other parts, add appropriate lubricating oil, and keep the parts clean at all times, so as to avoid affecting the operation of the bearing;

2. Regularly carry out the equipment parts to see if there is wear or damage of the parts, and repair and replace them in time;

3. If the bearing temperature is too high during the operation of the equipment, stop the machine in time and start the equipment after the fault is completely eliminated;

4. In case of abnormal noise of the equipment during the working process, the machine shall be shut down in time to eliminate the fault.

 Energy saving dryer

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