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Ilmenite dryer

Brief introduction of ilmenite

Ilmenite, also known as titanomagnetite, is an important mineral of titanium ore, which often coexists with enstatite and plagioclase, and is widely distributed in nature. Ilmenite processing requires the use of ilmenite dryer. As the ordinary dryer on the market can not meet the drying requirements of ilmenite, red star machine has developed a targeted product according to the properties of ilmenite Very strong ilmenite dryer, the equipment for ilmenite drying is very targeted, so it has been strongly supported by the majority of users. In this paper, we make a brief introduction to the related content of the ilmenite dryer of Red Star machine.

 Ilmenite dryer

Ilmenite dryer

Our Red Star Machine titanium iron ore dryer internal structure design is very reasonable, mainly by the barrel, lifting plate, reducer, gear, idler, stop roller, feed chute, front roll ring, rear roll ring, discharge department, pinion, motor, hot air duct, furnace body and other parts, and the operation and installation of the equipment is also very convenient, shorten the downtime of the equipment.

Performance advantages of ilmenite dryer

1. High output: the amount of ilmenite treated per unit time is very large, and there will be no blockage in the process of treatment, which effectively improves the output of the equipment;

2. Convenient maintenance: there are special parts replacement tools. Once the equipment has problems in the working process, the maintenance will be more convenient and fast, and the downtime of the equipment will be shortened;

 Ilmenite dryer

3. Long service life: the important parts are processed with high quality materials, so that the friction between the parts is very small during the working process of the equipment, so the service life of the equipment is also extended;

4. Low energy consumption: compared with the traditional dryer, the energy consumption of this ilmenite dryer of our company is reduced by more than 50%, which can save more than 100000 operating costs for the processing plant every year;

5. No pollution: the tailings of the equipment are treated in place, so that there is no pollution in the process of working, and the construction environment of ilmenite processing plant is improved;

6. Affordable price: the price of ilmenite flotation machine is also more economical and affordable. Our company has some production technology, which makes the cost of production equipment relatively low, and the market quotation of the equipment is about 5% lower than that of other manufacturers.

 Ilmenite dryer

Maintenance points of ilmenite dryer

1. Regularly maintain the bearing and other parts, add appropriate lubricating oil, and keep all parts clean at all times to avoid affecting the normal operation of the bearing;

2. After the equipment works for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly carry out the parts of each part to see whether there is bolt loosening or wearing or damage of vulnerable parts, and timely repair and replacement;

3. If the bearing temperature is too high during the operation of the equipment, it should be shut down in time, and the equipment can be started again after the fault is completely eliminated;

4. When the equipment is shut down again, find out why it is necessary to find out why the equipment will make abnormal noise after the maintenance work is completed;

5. Carry out regular maintenance according to the equipment maintenance manual, and replace the corresponding accessories timely after working for a certain time.

 Ilmenite dryer

In short, Red Star Machine ilmenite dryer has high cost performance. If you need to buy this equipment, you are welcome to visit our factory at any time. At that time, we will provide you with intimate service. Our address and telephone number are as follows:

Henan Zhengzhou ilmenite dryer manufacturer address: No.8 Tanxiang Road, high tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

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