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High yield dryer

Introduction of high output dryer

With the increasing use of dryer in recent years, people's demand for dryer output is also higher and higher. Our Red Star machine dryer adopts technology and international processing, which is the current market output A dryer, the dryer output is high, drying efficiency is also very high, favored by the majority of users, the following high-yield dryer related content to do a brief introduction.

 High yield dryer

Structure of high output dryer

The structure of high-yield dryer is simple, which is mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, reducer, gear, idler, stop roller, feed chute, front roll ring, rear roll ring, discharge section, pinion, motor, hot air duct, furnace body and other parts. The operation and installation of the equipment are also very convenient, which shortens the downtime of the equipment.

Features of high output dryer

1. High output: the volume of the cylinder is relatively large, and the amount of material processed per unit time is also very large, thus the output of the equipment is greatly improved;

2. Low carbon and environmental protection: the dust removal device makes the equipment free of any dust in the working process, and the tailings are treated in place, which improves the construction environment of the processing plant;

 High yield dryer

3. Excellent: the use of quality material processing equipment, so that the friction between the various parts of the equipment in the process of work is very small, the equipment is also better, the service life is also extended;

4. Convenient maintenance: the replacement tools of spare parts make the maintenance of the equipment more convenient, shorten the downtime of the equipment during maintenance, and have no impact on the construction progress;

5. The adaptability is very strong: it can adapt to the drying operation of various materials, and there is no requirement for the environment where the materials are located, so it can work in harsh environment;

6. Low energy consumption: the energy consumption in the working process is reduced by more than 50%, which saves a lot of operating costs for the processing plant every year, and improves the overall profit of the processing plant.

 High yield dryer

Classification of high yield dryers

High output dryers can be roughly divided into two categories, one is according to the structure and working principle; the other is according to the different processing materials. See the following for detailed classification.

1. Installation structure and working principle

Single drum dryer, double drum dryer, three drum dryer, rotary dryer, rotary dryer, hot air mixing dryer, steam dryer, airflow dryer, energy-saving sleeve dryer, fluid dryer, vertical dryer, industrial drum dryer, three return dryer, etc.

2. According to different materials processing

Talc dryer, kaolin dryer, lignite dryer, sludge dryer, sand dryer, river sand dryer, slag dryer, slime dryer, fly ash dryer, soil dryer, gypsum dryer, concentrate dryer, desulfurization dryer, etc.

 High yield dryer

The above describes our Red Star Machine high-yield dryer related content, if you need to know other aspects of the content, welcome to call 0371-67772626 for detailed inquiry, or click the right online consultation to obtain, our staff will have time to answer your questions, to ensure your satisfaction.

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