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Shale dryer

Introduction to shale

Shale is a kind of sedimentary rock with dense structure and stable physical and chemical properties. It is widely used in the construction field. Shale dryer is used for drying after shale processing. The equipment is developed by red star machine according to the properties of shale. It has strong pertinence for shale drying. Therefore, it has been strongly supported by the majority of shale investors. The following is about this model Brief introduction of the equipment.

 Shale dryer

Shale dryer structure

The internal structure of shale dryer is simple, mainly composed of exhaust pipe, feed device, discharge device, cleaning device, dial plate, transmission device, dust removal device and electrical control equipment, etc., and the operation and installation of the equipment is also very convenient.

Features of shale dryer

1. The drying of shale is very good, the amount of shale treated per unit time is also very large, and there will be no problems in the process of treatment;

2. The cylinder body is made of wear-resistant material, so that the friction will be very small in the process of working, which will extend the service life of the cylinder;

3. The tailings are treated in place, and there is no pollution on the construction site, which improves the construction environment of shale processing plant and reduces the harm of environmental pollution to operators;

4. The energy consumption is very low, and the energy consumption per unit time is reduced by more than 30%, which saves a lot of operating costs for the processing plant every year, and improves the overall profit of the shale processing plant;

5. Maintenance is also very simple, there are special parts replacement tools, so that the maintenance of the equipment is very simple, shorten the downtime of the equipment during maintenance;

6. If shale drying is carried out continuously, the operation of the equipment will be stable, and the price of the equipment will be more economical, which will reduce the cost of shale investors.

 Shale dryer

Maintenance points of shale dryer

1. Regularly maintain the bearing and other parts, add appropriate lubricating oil, and keep the parts clean at all times, so as to avoid affecting the operation of the bearing;

2. Regularly carry out the equipment parts to see if there is wear or damage of the parts, and repair and replace them in time;

3. If the bearing temperature is too high during the operation of the equipment, stop the machine in time and start the equipment after the fault is completely eliminated;

4. In case of abnormal noise during operation, stop the machine in time and start the equipment to work normally after the fault is completely eliminated.

 Shale dryer

The above introduced the Red Star machine Shale dryer related content, hope to have certain help to shale investors, in addition, our company also produces other mining equipment, types and models are very many, the price is more economical and affordable, welcome users who need to visit our factory at any time to buy.

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