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Graphite dryer

Introduction to graphite

Graphite has the characteristics of conductivity, stability and floatability. It is a natural soft mineral, which can be used to make pencil lead and lubricant. Graphite dryer is used to dry the processed graphite, because the ordinary dryer can not meet the drying of graphite For this reason, red star machine has developed a graphite dryer with strong pertinence according to the properties of graphite. In this paper, we briefly introduce the relevant contents of this equipment.

 Graphite dryer

Structure of graphite dryer

The structure of graphite dryer is simple, mainly composed of rotating body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device, sealing ring and other parts. The operation and maintenance are also very convenient, which shortens the downtime of the equipment during maintenance.

Features of graphite dryer

1. The adaptability of graphite is very strong, the amount of graphite treated per unit time is also very large, and the equipment operation is very stable in the process of treatment;

2. The wear resistance and impact resistance of the equipment are improved by using high-quality material processing, and the maintenance cost is reduced to a certain extent;

3. Tailings treatment is also in place, there is no dust and noise in the graphite processing site, which effectively improves the construction environment of graphite processing plant;

4. The energy consumption per unit time is also very low, which can save 10 operating costs and improve the profits of graphite processing plants every year;

5. The drying efficiency is high, which makes the dried graphite meet the material requirements of various large enterprises, and then improves the comprehensive utilization rate of graphite;

6. High output, due to the equipment drying efficiency is very high, so in the construction process effectively improve the output of equipment.

 Graphite dryer

Maintenance points of graphite dryer

1. Regularly maintain the bearing and other parts, add appropriate lubricating oil, and keep the parts clean at all times to avoid affecting the normal operation of the bearing;

2. Regularly carry out the equipment parts to see if there is wear or damage, and repair and replace them in time;

3. When the bearing temperature is too high during the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to stop the machine in time and start the equipment after the fault is completely eliminated;

4. In case of abnormal noise during the construction process, it is necessary to stop the machine in time to find out the cause of the fault and deal with it in time, and then work after treatment;

5. According to the maintenance manual, the equipment should be maintained regularly. When maintaining, the equipment must be replaced, so as to ensure the drying efficiency of the equipment.

 Graphite dryer

We can see that this graphite dryer can meet the needs of investors at any time.

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