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Small dryer

Brief introduction of small dryer

Dryer is the material drying equipment in mineral processing operation. The equipment has strong pertinence for material drying, including large and small dryers. Although the large dryer has high drying efficiency, it is not very convenient to transport. Therefore, many users in the market prefer the small dryer, and the small dryer is widely used in the market.

 Small dryer

Now there are many small dryer manufacturers on the market, small dryers produced by different manufacturers Different, performance is not the same, the important thing is that the price of the equipment also has certain differences, so many customers are very difficult to choose. In order to purchase a very good small dryer, this paper introduces the relevant content of Red Star machine small dryer for you, see the details below.

Structure of small dryer

Our Red Star machine this small dryer is combined with the production of foreign dryers Developed, make the internal structure of the equipment more reasonable, and more advanced, mainly by the rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, exhaust pipe, feeding device, discharge device, cleaning device, dust removal device and electrical control equipment and other components, the overall volume is relatively small, the weight is also very light, the corresponding equipment covers a very small area, operation It's easier.

 Small dryer

Advantages of small dryer

1. The wear resistance and impact resistance of the equipment are super strong, so there will be no fault in the working process;

2. The drying efficiency is high, the cylinder volume is large, the amount of material processed per unit time is very large, and the equipment operation is very stable in the process of processing;

3. The drying of materials is very good, and the energy consumption is also very low, the operation cost is reduced by about 5;

4. There will be no dust and noise in the construction site, which effectively improves the environment of the processing plant;

5. It can work in harsh environment without any requirements for the environment where the materials are located and there is no need to transfer materials, which reduces the investment cost;

6. The price is more economical and affordable. Our company is a direct selling small dryer manufacturer. The price of the equipment is very reasonable, so the price is lower than that of the same type of equipment.

 Small dryer

Small dryer service advantages

Red Star machine small dryer, good performance, after-sales service is also first-class, because our company It is relatively strong, so there are after-sales service outlets all over the country. Once the equipment fails in the process of work, the users call in time to report for repair, and the staff will rush to the site for treatment in time, which will not affect the construction progress of the equipment. Moreover, if the existing equipment can not meet the user's construction site, we can also tailor-made equipment for it to ensure the equipment The performance meets all the construction requirements, and is worth the majority of users to purchase.

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