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Carbide slag dryer manufacturer

Brief introduction of carbide slag

Calcium hydroxide and water are the main components of calcium hydroxide slag. If these wastes are not treated for a long time, they will not only occupy a large area, but also pollute the environment. Therefore, the treatment of carbide slag is the main problem at present, and the treatment of carbide slag needs to use carbide slag dryer. Because there are many calcium carbide slag dryer manufacturers in the market, which one What about the cost performance of calcium carbide slag dryer? In this paper, we recommend a calcium carbide slag dryer manufacturer, the details of the following.

 Calcium carbide slag dryer

Recommended by calcium carbide slag dryer manufacturer -- Red Star Machine

There are many domestic carbide slag dryer manufacturers. The reason why we recommend the Red Star carbide slag dryer is that the Red Star carbide slag dryer is good, low price and good service, which can meet the purchase requirements of users.

1. Good

The quality of calcium carbide slag dryer has a great influence on the drying efficiency of the equipment. Our company's equipment is currently on the market. The material is used for processing, and the production process of the equipment is also very advanced. The details of the processing are handled in place. The equipment must be tested before leaving the factory, which is fully in line with the requirements The required equipment can only be sold out of the factory, so it is very guaranteed and users can use it at ease.

 Calcium carbide slag dryer

2. The price is low

Users are not only concerned about the calcium carbide slag dryer, but also about the price of the equipment when purchasing the equipment In addition, the consumption level of people in the area where our company is located is very low, and they are not able to buy equipment with high prices. In order to improve the equipment, our company has adopted the following measures: 1 The market price and ex factory price of the equipment are the same.

3. Good service

With the rapid development of economy, people's requirements for after-sales service are higher and higher. We have first-class pre-sale, sales and after-sales services. Before sales, some personnel recommend appropriate types of equipment according to the construction conditions to meet the construction requirements of the processing plant. After sales, we have In addition, once the company's after-sales personnel arrive at the site free of charge, I can ensure the smooth operation of the equipment 24 hours a day 0371-67772626 If there is any problem, call for repair in time.

 Calcium carbide slag dryer

Features of Red Star carbide slag dryer

1. The drying efficiency is high, and the cylinder body is processed with material, which makes the wear resistance of the cylinder super strong and the service life of the cylinder is prolonged;

2. The amount of calcium carbide slag treated in unit time is very large, and there will be no blockage problem during the treatment, which improves the output of the equipment;

3. It has a long service life and a very low probability of failure when working, which can reduce the investment cost of users;

4. Tailings treatment is very in place, in the construction process will not appear any dust, effectively improve the construction environment of carbide slag processing plant;

5. The energy consumption is also very low. Compared with the same equipment on the market, the energy consumption of this equipment is reduced by more than 50%, which saves a lot of costs for the processing plant every year;

6. The horizontal structure is adopted, the internal structure is very simple, small volume, light weight, and the floor area is also very small.

 Calcium carbide slag dryer

At that time, the majority of users will purchase high cost-effective machine, if you have the machine, we will provide you with our service.

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