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Small sludge dryer

Brief introduction of small sludge dryer

Small sludge dryer is designed by red star machine in order to reduce the investment cost of users. The equipment is small in size, light in weight and small in floor area. The important thing is that the drying efficiency of the equipment is also very high, which meets the drying requirements of sludge. It is favored by the majority of sludge investors in the market. This paper briefly introduces the small sludge dryer of Red Star machine.

 Small sludge dryer

Structural characteristics of small sludge dryer

The internal structure design of the small sludge dryer is very reasonable, and the structure of the equipment is also very simple. The vertical structure is adopted, which is mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, transmission device, exhaust pipe, feeding device, discharge device, cleaning device, induced draft device, dust removal device and electric control device, which makes the operation of the equipment more convenient.

Advantages of small sludge dryer

1. Advantages

Our company's small sludge dryer adopts material and processing technology, which makes the equipment has super strong wear resistance, and the details in the production process are handled in place, and the detection is also very strict. Before the equipment leaves the factory for sale, a series of equipment will be carried out, so the equipment is very guaranteed.

2. Price advantage

The price of small sludge dryer is a problem that users are very concerned about. The price of our company's small sludge dryer is within the acceptable range of users, which greatly reduces the investment cost of sludge investors. The price is economical and affordable in the current market. The reason for the price is that red star machine has rich experience in the production of equipment, and there is very little waste in production The production cost of spare parts is quite low, and the price is much lower than that of other manufacturers. Because there are many models of this equipment in our company, the prices of different models are also different. Please call us for specific prices 0371-67772626 Detailed inquiry.

 Price of small sludge dryer

3. Performance advantages

a. The cylinder body is processed with wear-resistant material, which makes the equipment have super strong wear resistance. When working, the friction between parts is very small, which prolongs the service life of the equipment;

b. The drying efficiency is high, and the amount of sludge treated per unit time is also very large, which not only improves the drying capacity of the equipment, but also increases the output;

c. Tailings treatment is also very in place, there is a dust removal device, so that the equipment in the work without any dust, effectively improving the construction environment of the processing plant;

d. The degree of automation is very high, the temperature in the cylinder can be controlled more effectively, so that the drying degree of sludge is just right;

e. The energy consumption is also very low. Compared with the same equipment on the market, the energy consumption of this equipment is reduced by more than 50%, which saves a lot of costs for the processing plant every year;

f. There is no noise and vibration at work, which has no impact on people's life.

4. Service advantages

Our Red Star machine has first-class after-sales service, which can ensure that the equipment can arrive at the scene in time after failure, and will not delay the normal operation of the equipment In addition, our company has set up after-sales service outlets all over the country. If there is any problem, we can call for repair in time, which will be obtained quickly. For users, the benefit of the processing plant can be achieved.

 Small sludge dryer

From the above analysis, red star machine small sludge dryer is good, low price, excellent performance, good service, and red star machine is also very strong, is the small sludge dryer manufacturer on the market at present, if there is a user need to buy equipment, our Red Star machine will be your choice.

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