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Oil shale dryer

Brief introduction to oil shale

Oil shale, which can be used to refine shale oil, is commonly known as artificial oil. It can also be used for power generation, heating, transportation, and production of building materials and fertilizers. At present, the global resources contain as much as 10 trillion tons, and the countries with large distribution are the United States, Italy, Australia, China, etc., and the overall market prospect and economic value are considerable.

Oil shale needs reasonable drying treatment at the same time of its higher value. In view of this, red star machine was introduced into Europe, and combined with many years of experience, designed and produced an efficient drying equipment oil shale dryer, which has unique structure, beautiful appearance, large processing capacity, reliability, long service life, energy saving and consumption reduction, less fault, no pollution, and high market popularity.

 Oil shale dryer

Structure of oil shale dryer

The structure of oil shale dryer is very simple and easy to operate, which makes users save time and effort in production. Its structure is mainly composed of cylinder, lifting plate, transmission device, exhaust pipe, feed device, discharge device, cleaning device, induced draft device, dust removal device, electric control device and other components.

Working principle of oil shale dryer

The oil shale is first sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor, and then enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe through the feeding machine of the hopper. The slope of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination angle of the material, so that the material can flow into the dryer smoothly. When the material is rotated to the lower end of the cylinder, the material is moved to the lower end of the cylinder with the material moving in the opposite direction.

 Oil shale dryer

Features of oil shale dryer

The oil shale dryer integrates a higher level in the design, so that it has the advantages and features, which are far better than other manufacturers of the same type of equipment.

1. Automatic temperature control system design, drying more significant, can more easily control the temperature of drying cylinder, master the moisture content of oil shale;

2. The structure design is simple and can be operated continuously, the overall operation failure is less, the maintenance and parts replacement costs are reduced by more than 60%, and the annual operation cost is saved by nearly 5%;

3. With high efficiency and large output, it adopts centralized electric control system design, which can be remotely controlled without on-site personnel;

4. It has good environmental adaptability, high thermal efficiency, high fuel utilization rate, and can save about 10% of the cost of coal, water and labor.

 Oil shale dryer

Daily maintenance of oil shale dryer

1. For the newly installed wheel tyre, it should be frequent to prevent it from loosening. At the same time, pay attention to observe whether other parts of the equipment work normally;

2. The wear degree of vulnerable parts should be paid attention to at all times, so as not to cause greater damage to the equipment and affect its normal operation in the future and replacement;

3. When it is found that the temperature of bearing is too high, it should be stopped in time and eliminated before starting the machine;

4. The lubricating oil should be kept clean at all times, the sealing should be better, and the lubricating oil should be added to the equipment regularly and timely to prolong its service life.

 Oil shale dryer

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