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Promote the comprehensive utilization of municipal sludge, red star dryer shows green style

With the rapid improvement of the country and the increasing awareness of the people, the problem of large discharge of urban sewage and serious pollution is urgently needed. The reasonable disposal and recycling of urban sewage have been highly concerned by the government and the country.

It is understood that municipal sludge is an inevitable product produced in the production of sewage treatment plants. If it is not treated comprehensively, it will cause serious harm to the ecological environment and human activities. There are some problems in dealing with it

1. The water content is high, and the moisture content is more than 90%, which leads to the problems of large area, difficult transportation, high cost and waste blocking;

2. Long term stacking will cause the breeding of harmful bacteria, and produce odor. The pollutant particles under the wind and sun will also cause air pollution;

3. It is easy to dissolve and pollute the ground water;

4. If not treated, the heavy metal elements in the interior will pollute the surrounding land.

He said that in the next few years, China will enter the golden age of urban sludge treatment, and will increase the investment in its treatment cost. The sludge used includes thickening, dehydration, drying and other links. For the existing concentration and dehydration, the sludge treatment cost will be increased It can only reduce the moisture content of sludge to about 80%, which is far below the standard level. Therefore, further drying treatment is needed to reduce the moisture content to 20% - 30%.

The market shows that the market prospect for sludge drying treatment is very good. Many domestic enterprises have invested in the research and development and production of sludge drying and disposal equipment. One of the representative enterprises is Henan Hongxing Machinery. The enterprise engineers have introduced the science and technology of European developed countries and integrated the domestic excellent technology to design and produce dryer In the process of promoting the comprehensive utilization of municipal sludge.


This dryer designed by Hongxing is designed for sludge composition and properties, also known as sludge dryer. It is composed of induced draft fan, dispersing device, belt feeder, feeder, rotary drum and other parts. It is divided into material guiding area, cleaning area and discharging area. It can treat various municipal sludge such as sewage, activity, petrochemical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, municipal and so on.

China's municipal sludge treatment started relatively late, but after continuous introduction of foreign advanced and its own innovation and reform, it has accumulated rich treatment experience and achieved great success in sludge disposal and comprehensive utilization.

The purpose of municipal sludge disposal is to reduce land occupation and change harm into profit. Its comprehensive utilization can bring a good side to the environment and avoid secondary pollution. It can be used to produce biogas for recycling.

 Sludge Dryer

Red Star dryer in the promotion of comprehensive utilization of urban sludge shows green style, can promote sludge "turning waste into treasure", better environmental protection application, and plays an important role in promoting the development of national economic construction. In the future, red star will walk with you all the way to build a better home!

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