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The successful construction of China Thailand railway ushers in new opportunities for mining enterprises

In order to reach a friendly and cooperative relationship between China and Thailand, the two sides are expected to spend 11.36 billion US dollars to jointly build the China Thailand railway, promote the good implementation of the "belt and road" policy, and be more conducive to the common progress and development of trade, investment and economic cooperation between China and Thailand.

The successful construction of China Thailand railway will inevitably bring a lot of demand for sand and gravel aggregate, cement and other products. At the same time, it will drive the economic development of mining enterprises. The demand for sand and stone, building materials and equipment can not be ignored. This is undoubtedly an excellent news for China's mining equipment processing plants.

For a long time, Thailand has always been in favor of Chinese machinery and equipment. Many domestic enterprises have some Thai customers, especially Hongxing Machinery, as the leader of domestic gravel and building materials equipment manufacturers, has attracted the attention of Thai enterprises this time.

Red Star Machinery has been focusing on the production of mining equipment for 30 years, and has developed a series of sand and stone equipment, including Jaw crusher Counterattack crusher Cone crusher System sand machine Each product has a variety of models and specifications. Among them, the multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in the cone crusher series is a combination of international innovation, combined with the essence of domestic traditional crusher design, with incomparable performance; secondly, in the building materials and equipment, the production of modern Cement mill Rotary kiln In addition, the crawler type mobile crushing station launched by the company in recent years has an ideal combination of mechanization and intellectualization, and its use is especially good, which attracts more attention.

 Jaw crusher

 Counterattack crusher

 Rotary kiln

 Mobile crushing station

In recent years, the domestic mining machinery products have gradually become mature, constantly innovative, enterprising, good with international standards, with the cost-effective advantage in the global market, become the ideal choice of many foreign friends.

With the opportunity of "one belt and one road", red star manufacturers actively expand overseas markets. At present, they serve more than 10 countries along the "belt and road", especially since the construction of the China Thailand railway, they have gone deep into the Thai market and appeared in the exhibition many times, becoming a representative enterprise of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing".

According to the data, Hongxing Machinery and equipment has been in the Thai market for more than 10 years. It has produced nearly 1000 sets of sand, mineral processing, building materials and other equipment in Thailand, with a market share of nearly 25%. It has participated in the construction of many important railway and highway projects in Thailand. We will take an active part in the construction of the Sino Thai railway in the near future, and we are bound to deliver more satisfactory answers.

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