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What are the features of iron powder dryer? How about the manufacturer?

Brief introduction of iron powder dryer

Iron powder dryer is a kind of equipment specially used for drying and processing iron powder, scrap iron and iron concentrate. It has many advantages, such as simple structure, small occupation, good quality, large output, more efficient, good performance, less energy consumption, and more environmental protection. It is the equipment that excellent iron powder processing plants in the industry rely on to pursue.

 Iron powder dryer

Features of iron powder dryer

1. The flexibility of equipment operation is larger, the scope of application is wider, the flexibility of installation and maintenance is better, and the requirements for workers on site are lower;

2. Small size, stable operation, good, can save more than 40% of the cost of infrastructure, repair, maintenance and other aspects;

3. The design of centralized electric control system can reduce the manual operation, keep the equipment running efficiently and stably, and ensure the production efficiency all the time;

4. At the same time, the unit coal consumption is reduced by more than 40%, and the fuel cost is saved by more than 5;

5. The temperature in the drying cylinder can be controlled freely by the computer to better control the drying;

6. Exhaust gas, dust and other pollution can be completely avoided, environmental protection to the end, green production.

 Features of iron powder dryer

Price of iron powder dryer

The price of iron powder dryer has always been the concern of users. The equipment price of different manufacturers is not always certain, because it is often affected by factors such as model, manufacturer, purchase channel, market competition, economic changes, etc., but relatively speaking, the equipment price of our company is economical and cost-effective in the market, which is 2-4 cheaper than other manufacturers. The reason lies in the wide range of manufacturers and the adoption of mass production, so the cost of single equipment is low; in addition, the manufacturers are strong enough and mature enough to further save the cost of manufacturing. At the same time, the profits of the manufacturers themselves are small, so the price will be lower. For specific price information, please click the "online consultation" column on the right side of the consultation, or call 0371-67772626 directly.

 Price of iron powder dryer

Iron powder dryer manufacturer

As an iron powder dryer manufacturer, Hongxing Machinery has super strong production, over 30 years, it has focused on the production of mining equipment, and constantly introduced excellent talents from various countries around the world, established standardized and large-scale R & D and production bases, with more than 1000 online employees and a total plant area of more than 300000 square meters It has become one of the reliable manufacturers in the industry.

 Iron powder dryer manufacturer

Generally speaking, if you want to purchase the excellent iron powder dryer equipment, it is recommended to choose Henan Red Star machine. The manufacturer will show you the equipment, low price and perfect service, so as to ensure the full range of customer satisfaction. Welcome to consult and purchase! Address: No.8 Tanxiang Road, high tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

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