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Green mines compose a beautiful picture of China

Green represents hope and future development. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that "we need both gold and silver mountains, but also green mountains". This has well guided the development direction of China's mines, opened a new chapter of green development of China's mining industry, and promoted the development and progress of economy and environmental protection industry.

With the support of the state, the green development trend of China's mining industry is remarkable, and the scientific concept of ecological civilization construction is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The government encourages green mining pilot projects and polluting mining, which will suppress all mineral processing plants that do not meet the environmental protection standards, and strive to build a green China and tear off the unfair label of "polluting the environment and destroying the ecology".

Where is the way out for mining in China? How to abandon the old mineral processing road of "excessive opening and insufficient protection" and better create a green development road? First of all, we should seek a balance point between ecological protection and mining and win-win. Here, mining equipment enterprises are required to develop and produce green and efficient equipment.

"The dust is flying all over the sky and the noise is ringing in our ears". This is a deep impression that the stone mining enterprises have left before. The environmental pollution caused by them in the past has been common. However, under the new policy, these enterprises have been improving. Some enterprises that do not meet the environmental protection standards will be eliminated. Choosing green mining equipment and environmental protection production is the long-term plan.

In recent years, more than 85% of the mining enterprises have gone through the "green grass" mining scene, and the "green road" of the mining enterprises is the only way to develop green stones.

Henan Hongxing Machinery, as the leader of sand and mineral processing equipment manufacturers, adheres to the green development route, devotes itself to environmental protection, energy saving and efficient equipment production, and designs scientific production line for customers, so as to ensure the green and efficient mining work and meet the national standards.

 Red Star Machine

 Red Star Machine

It is understood that about 60% of domestic ore dressing plants will choose red star machine production equipment, because of its reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, performance, green environmental protection, service in place and affordable price, it can meet the needs of users and bring considerable profits.

With the unremitting efforts of mining equipment enterprises and ore dressing plants, the development of green mining in China has gradually stepped into the normal. More scientific and standardized green mining has reasonably protected the environment, ushered in greater market opportunities, and promoted the rapid development of the national economy!

In the future, red star machine will join hands with science and technology, innovation, go to the international, create the industry, cast more conscience equipment!

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