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Quality in the front, service in the rear, red star dryer to promote efficiency take off!

"Quality" is as important to the enterprise as health is to the human body, which is the guarantee for the development of the enterprise; "service" to the enterprise is just like the soul to the life, which is the powerful support to maintain the growth and development of the enterprise, win more business opportunities and bring more profits. We must achieve "quality first, service first".

dryer It is a common equipment for drying sludge, river sand, cement clinker, coal powder, concentrate powder, etc. it is widely used in environmental protection, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, coal mine and other fields. Because of its simple structure design and unique performance advantages, it has been widely used and concerned.


There are numerous dryer manufacturers in China. There are various specifications, models and types of equipment. The quality, service and performance are more uneven. The more reliable manufacturers are Hongxing, etc. like other well-known manufacturers, Hongxing pays more attention to the combination of quality and service, which can better promote the efficiency of investment enterprises!

As early as the beginning of 2014, "Red Star" has been well-known at home and abroad. Sand and mineral processing factories in various cities and countries will choose the dryer produced by red star machine, which has the advantages of small investment, low price, high efficiency, low failure, pollution-free and more environmental protection. It is the choice of equipment, and the profits created by customers can not be underestimated.

A person in charge of a gravel quarry in Hubei said: our factory purchased three dryers from Hongxing in 2015, and the manufacturer provided us with free equipment installation, commissioning and other services The site patiently teaches us the operation and maintenance experience, and is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment regularly in the later stage; since the equipment has been used, there is almost no fault, which helps the steady growth of the benefit of our factory!


A person in charge of a mineral processing enterprise in Jiangxi said: we have cooperated with red star for many years. We have purchased 7 dryers and other mineral processing equipment in the plant. The service of the plant is very good. The important thing is that the quality is more guaranteed, the service life is long, the efficiency is high, the production capacity is large, the energy consumption is low, and there is no pollution, which has promoted the profit of our factory better!

Looking for the cooperation partners of major domestic red stars, they have made good feedback to the manufacturers' equipment, which is an affirmation of the enterprises. At present, red star has been well-known at home and abroad and has become a market-oriented enterprise.


Quality in the first, service in the latter, red star adhere to the "honesty" as the first, "keep the heart as the beginning", from all aspects to protect the interests of customers, help you take off the benefits, unlimited!

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