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Along the river highway construction is about to start, red star equipment to help!

On May 12, 2017, the Yibin Xinshi Panzhihua riverside expressway project in Sichuan Province was officially signed, with a total investment of 82.6 billion yuan and 451 kilometers. It is a national scale single highway project, with a cost of 183 million yuan per kilometer. The construction period is expected to be five years, and it will start construction this year.

As a domestic high-speed investment project, the "BOT + government subsidy" PPP mode is adopted for the construction of the highway along the river. The vigorously carried out highway construction has a great role in promoting the local economic development. In this project, a large amount of sand and gravel aggregate will be used, which has attracted the bidding of many gravel factories.

The sand and stone equipment produced by Hongxing Machinery in Henan Province has caused an upsurge of purchase, and has been trusted and recognized by many gravel factories in Sichuan Province. Among the manufacturers bidding this time, 50% of them are selected from Hongxing factory. In order to ensure the successful implementation of the highway along the Yangtze River, Hongxing equipment has made great efforts to help and contribute to the construction and development of the national economy.

Our company has a complete set of sand and gravel production line equipment, including Jaw crusher Counterattack crusher System sand machine These equipments are a combination of science and technology, innovative ideas, excellent process design, and have outstanding advantages in quality and performance. The sand and stone aggregate produced by the equipment is of good quality and reasonable gradation.

 Jaw crusher

 Counterattack crusher

In addition, the company also produces Rotary kiln Cement mill dryer The new dry process cement production line designed by the company has scientific configuration and simple process, which ensures that the processed cement clinker is solid and easy to use, with low investment cost and high economic benefit, which helps the good construction of highway construction.

 Rotary kiln

 Cement mill


During the 13th Five Year Plan period, all cities in the country are increasing the implementation of highway construction, taking highway construction as the main battlefield for building economic and transportation corridors, comprehensively developing the industrial upgrading along the line, and leading the people to become rich. This is also the double realization of the development from "green water and green mountains" to "golden mountains and silver mountains".

In terms of transportation investment, financial investment has been rising steadily. The government's support for traffic construction and speeding up highway construction will promote economic development!

Red star, and other domestic machinery production enterprises, will gather strength, cast high-quality products, hand in hand to help the smooth construction of high-speed along the river, and help the rapid development of national infrastructure construction!

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