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How to select the type of mine dryer?

Brief introduction of mine dryer

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, the level of mining equipment is improving rapidly, especially in the structure and model of mine dryer, which is full of variety and variety, which shows the advancement of mining industry. The mine dryer, which undertakes the tasks of material dehydration and drying, is widely used in metallurgy, mineral processing, building materials, environmental protection, chemical industry and other fields.

Red Star machine production dryer in the structural design of the integration of international innovative ideas, simple operation, high efficiency and high yield, energy conservation and environmental protection, longer life, model specifications are applied, many new investment friends will face a lot of equipment selection problems, here the Red Star small editor will recruit drying machine selection skills for you.

  Mine dryer

Key points of mine dryer selection

Many factors should be considered in the selection of mine dryer, including equipment, environmental protection policy, production capacity, price, etc.

1. Equipment

It refers to the wear resistance and serviceability of the rotary body, lifting plate, sealing ring and other parts of the equipment. If the materials of these parts are poor and the workmanship is not good, it will seriously affect the equipment as a whole, and then shorten the life of the dryer, which can not be ignored when selecting the type.

2. Environmental protection policy

The mine dryer has been working in the open air for a long time. If the dust, noise and other pollution are generated during the operation, it will affect the surrounding environment and personnel, thus violating the environmental protection policy and being restricted to operate. Therefore, it is necessary to select the dryer that meets the industrial standard production, eliminate pollution, produce green and avoid rectification.

 Mine dryer environmental protection

3. Production capacity

The production capacity is the direct reaction of dryer model, the same equipment model is large, the production capacity is high. It is not to say that the higher the capacity of the dryer, the better. This point should be reasonably selected according to the actual production requirements. A pair of small feet and a pair of big shoes will not go fast, so it is appropriate.

4. Price

In the selection of dryer, we should treat the price scientifically. It is not that the higher the better, nor the equipment with low price will be worse. It is better to compare several manufacturers, comprehensively look at the relationship between equipment, performance, model and price, and choose the equipment with high cost performance ratio.

 Price of mine dryer

Recommended by mine dryer manufacturer

There are innumerable domestic mine dryers, and famous enterprises are Hongxing, Zhongde, Zhongde, etc By contrast, red star machine has 35 years of design experience, fully integrates the advanced concepts of intelligence, environmental protection and high efficiency, adopts the spirit of ingenuity, creates intelligent, green and high-yield dryer, and creates higher value for investment enterprises; in addition, the price of Red Star dryer is 7% lower than that of similar products in the industry, plus intimate installation, construction, commissioning, maintenance and repair And other service advantages, will become the choice of the majority of users.

 Mine dryer manufacturer

The selection of mine dryer here does not only refer to the model, but also the selection of the whole model and production capacity. Reasonable skills are helpful to the selection of equipment. Red Star Machine focus on the production of dryer for more than 30 years, exquisite, sophisticated technology, excellent service, equipment quality, welcome users to purchase consultation!

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