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How to sell the dryer of Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24? What are the yields?

Introduction to dryer

dryer It is used in mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. It is a key equipment for scientific dehydration and drying of stone materials. There are many types of common equipment, such as Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24. Its general output is moderate, with small volume, easy operation, more energy saving and pollution-free.

Drying equipment is generally composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, etc., the production capacity is closely related to its model, and also determines its price. How to sell the Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24 dryers? What are the yields? Red Star small editor's meeting here for your simple analysis and introduction.

 How to sell the dryer of Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24?

Price analysis of Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24 dryers

What is the price of Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24 dryers? There will be some differences in the price of the two models of equipment; in addition, the equipment prices given by different manufacturers will also be different. After all, the equipment selection, workmanship, and other aspects are different, so the final cost is inconsistent, and the price will also have deviation. The survey found that: the more powerful the manufacturer is, the more affordable the price will be, and the equipment quality will be better, and the overall operation will be better. The more typical is the Red Star machine, which has a price discount of about 5% - 7% compared with other manufacturers, which is more favored by users. The reasons are as follows:

1. Some R & D and design teams and production workshops of Red Star manufacturers are standardized and normalized. In the whole process of equipment R & D and production, there is no profit difference between intermediate manufacturers, which can save energy and reduce prices;

 Manufacturers of Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24 dryers

2. Compared with other manufacturers, red star manufacturers can reduce the waste of materials, funds and personnel, and the final equipment price will be more favorable than other manufacturers;

3. Hongxing has a superior geographical location. Zhengzhou, Henan has convenient transportation, fierce competition and abundant resources. The overall price level is about 2% - 3% cheaper than that of Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shanxi and other cities;

4. Red Star manufacturers are mature, mass production, and adopt the sales concept of "small profits, more sales, preferential customers", more from the perspective of customers to set reasonable prices, so it is more cost-effective to purchase equipment.

 Φ 1.8 × 12, Φ 2.6 × 24 dryer

Introduction to the output of Φ 1.8 × 12 and Φ 2.6 × 24 dryers

What is the output of Φ 12.2 × 8? What are the motor power and total weight? The following is a brief introduction:

1. Φ 1.8 × 12: the cylinder volume of the equipment is 30.5 m3, the main motor power reaches 18.5 kW, and the production capacity per hour is in the range of 6.5 t-8.1 T, which meets the production standards of small and medium-sized manufacturers, with smaller space occupation area and lower investment cost;

2. Φ 2.6 × 24: its cylinder volume is 127.4m 3, the main motor power reaches 55kW, the hourly production capacity is in the range of 27.2t-34.0t, meeting the operation requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises, with high drying efficiency and large output, it can create higher economic value.

 The output is Φ 12.2 × 8

Red Star machine has been focusing on the production of dryer for 35 years, and has some experience in production and other aspects. It has become a leader in the industry by creating innovative quality. For the quality and performance of the dryer, please call 0371-67772626.

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