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Which dryer is better for sludge dewatering?

Sewage is high in water content and difficult to treat. However, in recent years, the drying process has been adopted, which can reduce the moisture content to about 20%. It has a good application value and is a good method for sludge problems. At present, there are many dryers for sludge dewatering. Which dryer is better for sludge dewatering? "Red Star" brand sludge dryer is strongly recommended. This paper will introduce it in detail.

 Which dryer is better for sludge dewatering?

1、 "Red Star" sludge dryer good

Hongxing brand sludge dryer is made of domestic and wear-resistant materials by the manufacturer. It adopts excellent technology, skilled workmanship and ingenuity to make it more reliable. All core components will be manufactured by hand, with longer service life, more stable operation, more than 5 times longer service life, 80% lower failure rate and 5% less maintenance and repair costs.

 Good sludge dryer

2、 Good performance of "Red Star" sludge dryer

1. Combined with the design of sludge composition, targeted dewatering can ensure the quality of dried sludge is good, and the useful chemical components inside the sludge will not be damaged;

2. With the intelligent design principle, the temperature inside the drying cylinder can be freely controlled by computer to ensure the moisture content of the finished sludge scientifically;

3. The internal structure is simple, the process flow is reasonable, the operation of equipment is more aspects, saving cost and reducing energy consumption by more than 50%;

4. More efficient dust removal equipment design, drying work, reduce dust, at the same time, operation noise will be better controlled, all within the standard range;

5. Large contact area between material and heat source, high drying efficiency and large output, create higher profit value for sludge treatment plant.

 Good performance of sludge dryer

3、 Low price of "Red Star" sludge dryer

"Red Star" dryer price is more affordable, which is to ensure that the equipment quality and performance of the premise, still maintain the economic rationality of its price, its pricing strictly in accordance with the "mining machinery price standard" to formulate, at the same time, more scientific and rigorous workmanship, reduce costs; in addition, the factory is strong, to Mainly, the profit of single equipment is low, so the price is more economical, and it is 1-5 cheaper than similar equipment of other manufacturers.

 Low price of sludge dryer

4、 "Red Star" sludge dryer provides good service

Service is a point that many users ignore. Only when they encounter problems in use, can they realize the importance of good service. Red Star machine provides customers with a complete set of pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales services to ensure that customers enjoy the supreme service and have higher equipment use rights.

1. Before sale, there is free guidance for customers to select type, and can customize more suitable and economic equipment according to customer needs;

2. During the sale, the customer's on-site investigation, the proposed construction scheme, and the formal purchase contract with the customer are signed, and each factory equipment is strictly controlled to avoid mistakes;

3. After sales, free equipment transportation, installation, on-site guidance and other services are provided by the manufacturer, and responsible for the later maintenance work, to ensure that on call, within 24 hours of prime time to repair the equipment.

 Good service of sludge dryer

Which dryer is better for sludge dewatering? Of course, the "Red Star" brand, the manufacturer of good equipment, good performance, low price, good service, will become your ideal choice, guarantee to create more for you, welcome to consult and purchase! Tel: 0371-67772626.

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