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How much is a clay dryer? What models are available?

Clay dryer, a special equipment for clay dehydration and drying treatment, is a targeted dryer equipment designed with excellent technology combined with clay composition and characteristics, and has good drying performance. How much is a clay dryer? What models are available? This article gives you a detailed analysis of:

 How much is a clay dryer?

1、 Application advantages of clay dryer

The design of clay dryer adds more environmental protection, low-carbon, intelligent, efficient and other concepts. The combination of efficient drying and mechanical manufacturing has an excellent effect on clay drying. It can dry more efficiently and keep the effective components in clay free from loss. In addition, the equipment itself has the characteristics of easy operation, more energy consumption, no pollution, low noise, low fault, more durable and so on, which has great advantages in the application field.

 Application advantages of clay dryer

2、 How much is a clay dryer?

How much is a clay dryer? There is no fixed answer definition, because different manufacturers, different models, different regions and other factors will affect the price of the dryer. How much is a specific clay dryer? It is still up to the specific manufacturers to discuss. The investment users can integrate the equipment quotation of multiple manufacturers to select the equipment with high cost performance. In terms of price, Xiaobian has two points to remind users:

1、 Don't blindly pursue low-cost equipment Because equipment, service and so on are the key to determine its later level. Some users choose low-cost equipment because of price temptation. As a result, the equipment frequently breaks down and maintenance is difficult, which affects the output, delays the construction period, and has no profit to speak of. Therefore, it is suggested that the users compare the goods with each other and consider comprehensively the relationship between the prices.

2、 It is suggested to purchase equipment from direct selling manufacturers Generally, large manufacturers have independent R & D and production equipment capacity, which can avoid the extra cost waste of intermediate processors. At the same time, most of them are direct selling enterprises. Eliminating the middle price difference, the market price is the ex factory price, which is more economical and affordable for customers to buy. If you want to know the price of clay dryer? Welcome to consult Henan Red Star online at any time, the manufacturer will have personnel to answer for you online and provide comprehensive equipment quotation.

 Clay dryer manufacturer

3、 List of clay dryer models

What types of clay dryer are available? Its specifications are very comprehensive, and the cylinder volume, total weight and production capacity of each type of dryer are different. For example, the cylinder volume of Φ 1.5 × 14 dryer is 24.7 m ~ 3, the installation slope of the equipment is 3-5%, the total weight is 19.7 T, and the processing capacity per hour is 5.3-6.6 T; while the cylinder volume of the Φ 2.2 × 16 dryer reaches 60.8 m3, the installation slope remains unchanged, which is also 3-5% The total weight is 38t, and the ideal production capacity is 13.0-16.2t. More clay dryer models are introduced as follows:

Cylinder volume
Installation slope
Intake air temperature
Main motor
Total weight
Φ1.2×8.0 nine 1.9-2.4 3-5 700-800 seven point five nine
Φ1.2×10 eleven point three 2.4-3.0 3-5 700-800 seven point five eleven
Φ1.5×12 twenty-one point two 4.5-5.7 3-5 700-800 fifteen eighteen point five
Φ1.5×14 twenty-four point seven 5.3-6.6 3-5 700-800 fifteen nineteen point seven
Φ1.5×15 twenty-six point five 5.7-7.1 3-5 700-800 fifteen twenty point five
Φ1.8×12 thirty point five 6.5-8.1 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-one point five
Φ1.8×14 thirty-five point six 7.6-9.5 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-three
Φ2.2×12 forty-five point six 9.7-12.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-three point five
Φ2.2×14 fifty-three point two 11.4-14.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-six
Φ2.2×16 sixty point eight 13.0-16.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-eight
Φ2.4×14 sixty-three point three 13.5-16.9 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-five
Φ2.4×18 eighty-one point four 17.4-21.7 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-nine
Φ2.4×20 ninety point four 19.3-24.1 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-four
Φ2.4×22 ninety-nine point five 21.2-26.5 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-eight
Φ2.6×24 one hundred and twenty-seven point four 27.2-34.0 3-5 700-800 fifty-five seventy-three
Φ3.0×20 one hundred and forty-one point three 30.1-37.7 3-5 700-800 seventy-five eighty-five
Φ3.0×25 one hundred and seventy-six point six 37.7-47.1 3-5 700-800 seventy-five ninety-five
Φ3.2×25 two hundred and one 42.9-53.6 3-5 700-800 ninety one hundred and ten
Φ3.6×28 two hundred and eighty-five 60.8-76.0 3-5 700-800 one hundred and sixty one hundred and thirty-five

When choosing the model of clay dryer, customers must fully combine with the actual site, production standard, capital cost, etc., and purchase the appropriate model. If the above models can not meet your needs, the manufacturer also supports customized service, just input your demand standard, and the company will create an ideal clay dryer for you.

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