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Energy saving dryer to conquer the market

Energy saving dryer Under the background of the new era, it is the ideal product of the combination of high-tech and mechanical manufacturing. The low-carbon and green material drying operation shows its excellent performance in terms of operation, structure, and efficiency. As soon as it came out, it caused a great disturbance in the industry. It used and conquered the whole dryer Market and attracted the attention of numerous investment friends. In view of this, the following is a detailed introduction to the energy-saving dryer:

 Energy saving dryer

1、 Energy saving dryer advantages

1. Energy saving: the nearly designed hot air distributor system fully guarantees that the hot air enters the cylinder and fully contacts with the drying materials, reduces the hot air loss and heat loss, and effectively saves more than 60% of the energy; in addition, the equipment is equipped with a selective converter and hot air conversion, which greatly saves the power consumption of the fan.

2. Environmental protection: the sealing design of the drying cylinder can effectively avoid the flying out of fine materials and dust. At the same time, high-efficiency dust removal and noise reduction devices are installed to completely control the dust, noise and other pollution generated in the equipment work, so as to achieve a high standard green working environment.

3. High efficiency: adopting the automation design scheme of science and technology, the drying efficiency can be increased by 40% - 60%, and the temperature in the drying cylinder can be controlled more directly and directly, and the material dehydration and drying can be controlled, which is an ideal drying operation with high yield and high efficiency.

4. In addition, the use of advanced and durable gear can be improved by 75% instead of ordinary gear.

 Advantages of energy saving dryer

2、 Energy saving dryer price consultation

What is the price of energy-saving dryer? Generally, different regions, different manufacturers, different models of equipment, the quotation will be different, the market is full of energy-saving dryer manufacturers, perhaps the same equipment, the price will be different, less thousands, more tens of thousands. When customers choose and buy equipment, they must avoid entering the price misunderstanding. First of all, it is more cost-effective to choose equipment from direct selling manufacturers than from dealers, because the former has its own independent plant and production capacity, and there will be no price difference. Secondly, customers only blindly pursue low prices, otherwise they will easily fall into the price trap of manufacturers. In order to attract customers, some manufacturers deliberately lower their prices but actually raise prices maliciously when they actually buy them In addition, it is recommended that users choose equipment from large manufacturers, which is more economical and transparent. As for the energy-saving dryer quotation consultation, you can click "online quotation", and the company's sales manager will give you a reasonable quotation.

 Energy saving dryer price

3、 Model parameters of energy saving dryer

There are many types of energy-saving dryers, with different volumes and capacity, so as to provide customers with a clearer and clearer purchase. The following is the detailed equipment model parameter table:

Cylinder volume
Installation slope
Intake air temperature
Main motor
Total weight
Φ1.2×8.0 nine 1.9-2.4 3-5 700-800 seven point five nine
Φ1.2×10 eleven point three 2.4-3.0 3-5 700-800 seven point five eleven
Φ1.5×12 twenty-one point two 4.5-5.7 3-5 700-800 fifteen eighteen point five
Φ1.5×14 twenty-four point seven 5.3-6.6 3-5 700-800 fifteen nineteen point seven
Φ1.5×15 twenty-six point five 5.7-7.1 3-5 700-800 fifteen twenty point five
Φ1.8×12 thirty point five 6.5-8.1 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-one point five
Φ1.8×14 thirty-five point six 7.6-9.5 3-5 700-800 eighteen point five twenty-three
Φ2.2×12 forty-five point six 9.7-12.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-three point five
Φ2.2×14 fifty-three point two 11.4-14.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-six
Φ2.2×16 sixty point eight 13.0-16.2 3-5 700-800 twenty-two thirty-eight
Φ2.4×14 sixty-three point three 13.5-16.9 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-five
Φ2.4×18 eighty-one point four 17.4-21.7 3-5 700-800 thirty-seven forty-nine
Φ2.4×20 ninety point four 19.3-24.1 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-four
Φ2.4×22 ninety-nine point five 21.2-26.5 3-5 700-800 forty-five fifty-eight
Φ2.6×24 one hundred and twenty-seven point four 27.2-34.0 3-5 700-800 fifty-five seventy-three
Φ3.0×20 one hundred and forty-one point three 30.1-37.7 3-5 700-800 seventy-five eighty-five
Φ3.0×25 one hundred and seventy-six point six 37.7-47.1 3-5 700-800 seventy-five ninety-five
Φ3.2×25 two hundred and one 42.9-53.6 3-5 700-800 ninety one hundred and ten
Φ3.6×28 two hundred and eighty-five 60.8-76.0 3-5 700-800 one hundred and sixty one hundred and thirty-five

If you can't meet the needs of the manufacturer, you will only need to supply customized materials and equipment.

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