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Sand drying equipment

Yellow sand and river sand contain a large amount of water, so it is necessary to select equipment to dry and dehydrate them. Generally, there are special sand drying equipment in the industry, also known as sand drying equipment dryer , or sand dryer, which can dry and dehydrate sand in batches, and has the characteristics of reliable operation, strong adaptability, efficient treatment, strong durability and environmental protection. This paper introduces the advantages, manufacturers and prices of sand drying equipment.

 Sand drying equipment

1、 Advantages of sand drying equipment

1. The equipment barrel and lining made of wear-resistant manganese plate are solid and durable, 3-4 times higher than ordinary steel plate, excellent and comparable with imported products;

2. It has excellent dehydration and drying, and the moisture content of finished sand can be controlled below 0.5-1%. It is the equipment for drying production line of river sand, yellow sand and sea sand;

3. Small size, reduced floor area, saving investment enterprises at least 50% of civil engineering investment, more convenient transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, etc;

4. Reasonable structure design, integrated intelligent, innovative ideas, improve the drying thermal efficiency of 40% - 60%, at the same time, reduce dust, noise and other pollution, to achieve green production;

5. High efficiency processing, high drying efficiency, large output, various specifications, comprehensive models, suitable for different requirements of users, better meet the enterprise production.

 Advantages of sand drying equipment

2、 Introduction of sand drying equipment manufacturers

According to statistics, domestic sand drying equipment manufacturers emerge in an endless stream, and the number has been increasing but not decreasing. They are distributed in Henan, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Shandong and other cities. There are many manufacturers. How can customers choose? From the manufacturers, services, equipment and other comprehensive point of view.

1. First of all, we should consider the manufacturers, etc. once they are good and strong, they can basically be trusted from experience; for poor and weak manufacturers, customers can directly "pass" without considering;

2. Secondly, the service attitude and projects of manufacturers are easy to be ignored by customers. Here we remind you not to ignore them, because good and perfect service can make the later use of the equipment more convenient and easier, and help to maximize the interests of customers;

3. In order to attract more customers and create more products for users, the quality of equipment provided by manufacturers is more guaranteed.

 Sand drying equipment manufacturer

3、 Price analysis of sand drying equipment

What is the price of sand drying equipment? As for the focus of users, here is a brief explanation. In fact, the prices of different manufacturers, different models and different types of equipment are not necessarily the same. Because the manufacturing, sales methods, etc. of each manufacturer are different, the cost of production equipment is also different, so the price 0 will be different; in addition, the economic level in different periods is different, and the equipment pricing will fluctuate; Different types of equipment have different production capacity and volume, so the cost of materials and capital during manufacturing is different, and the price naturally varies.

 Price of sand drying equipment

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