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Sand dryer

Introduction to sand drying

Sand dryer, also known as dryer, is a kind of drying equipment with large processing capacity. It is mainly used for drying granular materials within a certain humidity range. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, casting and other industries. It has the characteristics of easy operation, strong adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection. It has been strongly recommended by users in the market, and can create high economic value for users in the operation

 Sand dryer

Structural drawing of sand dryer

 Structural drawing of sand dryer

Working principle of sand dryer

The conveyor will send the wet material to the hopper, and then enter into the feeding end through the feeding pipe. The slope of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material, so that the material can flow into the dryer smoothly. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder with a certain angle with the horizontal line, and the material is added from the low end or the heat carrier In addition, with the rotation of the cylinder, the material moves to the lower end under the action of gravity. During the moving process, the heat of the heat carrier is directly or indirectly obtained, so that the wet material is dried.

 Sand dryer

Advantages of sand dryer

1. It can not only dry sand but also other materials.

2. Compared with other drying equipment on the market, the single dryer produced by red star machine can save energy by 15% - 25%.

3. Convenient operation, reasonable design, simple structure, convenient for customers to move and operate in the operation.

4. Environmental protection, the equipment is equipped with noise elimination and dust removal devices, which improves the working environment.

5. Operation, stable operation, reduce the maintenance frequency of equipment in operation, the total cost of users is low.

 Advantages of sand dryer

Sand dryer manufacturer

Among the many sand dryer manufacturers in the market, red star machine is especially recommended for users

First, high, in the production of equipment, the use of advanced production technology, the selection of high-quality raw materials, and in the production of strict control, the production of equipment not only obtained a number of national patents, but also passed the international system management certification.

Second, the service is in place. In the early stage, according to the actual production needs of users, we can make appropriate purchase plans for users; in the medium-term, we will install and debug the equipment for users free of charge; in the later stage, we will do it to the users from time to time, and regularly remind them to maintain the equipment, so as to reduce the downtime of the equipment and reduce the worries of the users.

Third, the price is cheap. When positioning the equipment of different specifications and models, first conduct market research, and then through group discussion, comprehensively consider the above and price the equipment. Compared with the equipment produced by other manufacturers, the cost performance of our company's equipment is higher.

 The sand dryer is cheap

Red Star machine production of sand dryer model complete, excellent, affordable, in addition, our company also provides users with crushing production line, mineral processing production line equipment, etc., welcome users in need to consult, order, we are always waiting for the arrival of the majority of users.

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